What do I do with my brother?

While visiting and staying with my family, I caught my younger brother sniffing my panties. I mean really going in at it. When I caught him, he begged me not to tell our parents and that he was just curious and how he would never do it again. He's 15 and I know he's probably curious about stuff like that, but why start with smelling MY underwear? Who knows how long he had been doing that or what thoughts were going through his head. The crazy thing is that I'm missing a pair of panties I packed which leads me to think that he took them doing god knows what. Wtf. What is wrong with him? Things have been so awkward and I'm tempted to tell our parents because that's abnormal right? I mean my little brother literally has been sniffing my underwear both fresh and in my laundry basket and has probably masturbated with thoughts of me? I don't even know what to feel. I'm disgusted, but I also don't want to embarrass him.
What do I do with my brother?
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