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He sneaks glances at me, does he like me?

So a few weeks ago, me and my mother was in walmart buying some onions. And there were no price on the onions. So, my mom calls this cute Walmart... Show More

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  • your moms quite the character ha ha yeah he probably thinks your cute.''What you can't get it up?'' your moms awsome.

    • My mom says nasty things and she don't even realize it until later. She didn't even know he took it like that until I told her once we went to another isle. And we laughed al through the stores, and all the way home. It was Hilarious!

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    • I've already done that before. and now he is a cashier... so

    • ohh you tried this with him or someone else? ide say small talk like maybe introduce yourself if you haven't already and when you have both been introduced formally maybe ask him how school is going if he's in school after you have talked to him a few times say something like I gotta go but ide like to get to know you better or something and hand him your number.

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  • Why don't you kinda boldly walk up to him and hand him you number? A lot of guys find that hot. Just saying (if your mom isn't cool though try not to let her see). My mom barked at me to get out of the store when I was attempting to loiter to give a cute store check-out employee my number. Then again my mom has been a weird feminist (the ones that expect the guy to do everything all the time) most of my life. I'm an equalist and my mom calls me 'eccentric'.

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