Super Foods that to you should spend cash on instead of grabbing the ol' junk food.

Super Foods that to you should spend cash on instead of grabbing the ol' junk food.

Oily shit or nutrition powerhouse? Your choose.

Here are some really good stuff that you should get instead of regular everyday trash.

1. Sushi

Sushi is awesome, IF, you're used to seafood. The nutrition depends on the type of sushi. Tuna sushi is good. You can Google the nutrition value for various popular sushi.

Don't try to be a hero and try a simple salmon or tuna or egg for the first try.

Don't go for fancy stuff for first time, like octopus.

Also make sure that the chef is experienced and reputed. A lousy sushi will haunt you forever.

2. Eggs

The super food.

Boil it, make and omelette, scramble, make something complex, eat it raw (if you can) or throw at your neighbour.

Eggs serve a variety of purposes.

This super food is a package of almost everything you need.

One of the most easy to get food in the world. 6 eggs per day should be good for an active person.

3. Spinach


does not lie.

Spinach is a nutrition powerhouse. No wonder why Brutus rarely ever got spinach.

One can debate weather you should eat it raw or cooked.

Raw rich in many essential nutrients, some of which are more available to our bodies when we consume them raw. These nutrients include folate, vitamin C, niacin, riboflavin, and potassium.

4. Yogurt

You can't lay eggs but you can make yogurt at home.

Yogurt offers a lot of benefits.

Good amounts of protein, B-12 and minerals along with probiotics, although, probiotic of yogurt is a matter of debate.

5. Banana

Bananas have earned the right of super food.

The top 4 nutrients are Vitamin B6, Manganese, Vitamin C and Potassium. A medium sized banana will contain roughly 95Kcal and contain little fat, sodium or cholesterol.

Bananas are easily available and even the laziest pig can eat a few.

6. Mango

King of Fruits for some countries.

One mango contains large amounts of vit A,

C and B-6 with fruit sugars and dietary fibers.


There are multiple varieties of mango but the most well known is the Alphonso.

Mangoes may or may not be available depending on your location.

And NO! Don't buy them online.

7. Red Kidney Beans

Red Kidney Beans are a complete package of protein, vitamins and minerals.

But they can be hard to digest for some people.

The best way to eat em is to soak them in water for about 8h, then chomp raw!


Most Helpful Girl

  • Agree-it's so easy and cheap to eat healthy vs eating out and buying junk. Now, there is an issue at school with healthy options being VERY expensive compared to junk food.
    ex) at my school's markets, poptarts are under a dollar, but hummus and pretzels or carrots and ranch is over 2 dollars. (but you get more oz in the poptart vs the others)
    The trick to eating right for cheaper is to realize, you probably won't have super cheap snacks everywhere so get fuller off your meals or bring your own snacks (ex. fruit, nuts, popcorn)
    I could spend 20 dollars a week on myself and eat like a queen, potatoes, onions, carrot, brown rice, pasta, garlic, and more if I wanted. (yea, I know it's less expensive because I don't buy meat products


Most Helpful Guy

  • On average I have around $13 at my disposal for a week. Bananas are always included in my shopping list unless they are overpriced.

    Since that is not enough money, I don't eat at fast food restaurants even if I want to so much from time to time. Last time I had something from fast food restaurant was a burger from burger king back in winter 2015. I miss fast food.

    But that is not entirely the point of my comment. I think just casually getting something from fast food doesn't harm.
    But since $13 is like half of what I need in a weekly budged I can't afford to go to eat at fast food because a burger does cost more than doing the same recipe at home. I know I tried that. The result was that the burger from fast food did taste a lot better than the homemade but the homemade one is not nearly as unhealthy as the one from the fast food restaurant.

    • Dude how do you manage a $13/week of food? Did you get any free food or support?

      I mean on a rice only diet (common in Asia) would cost close to $0.50 per pound of cooked rice. Assuming you need about 3-pound of food a day then you will need $10.50 worth of rice a week or a 20lb bag. Add in taxes and you probably have enough for some salt to each with the rice.

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    • @oddwaffle So you're saying a $13 budged would be enough for me to make my diet rice only? My body will get enough of rice (or anything in that matter) at some time, so that I need to change my diet.

      It's how the world works over here. In the 3. th world countries there is no social support whatsoever. Dictatorship, censorship and the government tries to find ways to extract as much money as possible from us citizens.

      Not in iceland.

      It's how we make money over there. Never travel to the 3. th world countries unless you are sure to get a way back.

      How I manage $13 per week? I always take bananas with me and then I get what is affordable. Mostly I take cheese, noudles, sausage, bread, potatos, salt and pepper. I eat at most twice per day, not to mention insufficient in amounts.

    • Just yesterday I went shopping with another $13 budged for food.

      I took with me bananas, cheese, ham & sausages, bread, juice, broccoli, frying oil and a package of earl grey black tea.
      I had leftover noudles and rice at home and so I made my favorite recipe, which is baking the noudles with ham topped with cheese in the oven. Of course there was a "sauce like" mixture in there, which is known in Germany (Nudelauflauf). I added the leftover rice as soon as the meal was finished just to increase the amount of intake for myself.
      This meal covers 2 entire days for me and is yummy.

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What Girls Said 3

  • Since my father is on a diet we have to eat more healthy stuff but if I was alone I would just eat junk food and pasta everyday.
    I don't care about healthy stuff or anything.

  • I love sushi, but don't tell me how to spend my money.

  • I started cutting out junk food from my diet in January and now I don't even crave chocolate or any sort of junk food, whilist back then one bar of chocolate was what I called dinner.
    I need to try sushi one day (it's on my bucket list). 😋
    And I would add to this list avocados. 😄

    • Avocados are not available everywhere.

What Guys Said 9

  • But I LIKE KFC. :(

    It has taken me lifetime to discover what works and what doesn't. So much of what's available to eat out there simply makes you sick. And you don't even realize it.

    I swear, your entire health is based on what you eat.

    Some doctor is saying foods with LECTINS, like beans, tomatoes, cashews, are really bad for your digestive system and your general health. And there is so much bogus information out there that you really have to figure it out yourself. This fad diet and that, it's all BS.

  • #1 Sushi: did you know that some of the fish you eat are dyed to look better? Salmon is actually grey and ugly but they are dyed before shipping so they turn pink. Why? Because normally salmon eat some small shrimp for the color, the farmed salmon don't so they turn into the ugly grey. Then they go dyed to look pretty. Now both the farm and wild caught are dyed to look the same.

    #5 banana is great. Just don't eat too much. They are heavy on the potassium. Did you know that all the banana being sold in NA came from the exact same plant. No not different plant but the exact same organism getting cloned over and over and over again?

    • 1. Yeah, I knew. I've done my homework.
      That's one of the reason I suggested getting sushi from and experienced and reputed chef.
      Traditionally, the chef makes the sushi

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    • It's not the chef. The salmon already had the dye before they got into market. It's one of those trick farmers do with their products.

      Also, most fish used raw nowadays are frozen at some point to kill the parasites. It's sort of in the law. Unless you have a Master chef with his own fish catching boat.

      #5 banana is a funny story. There is only one banana tree for the Cavendish banana (yes the banana as you know it) and they clone the thing all over south America.

      The banana tree is like an overgrown onion where you only eat the flower. The tree itself is like a branch. As you eat the banana, they have to cut down the whole tree and take the sprouts coming out of the root to replant them. As they keep splitting the exact same root, you get a single tree in pieces.

    • Cavendish bananas are seedless. Ever wonder about that? The banana tree itself is actually a hybrid of two other hybrid plantains. As such, it is infertile. Hence the cloning.

  • Eating out is about paying for 1. Taste and 2. Convenience. It's not a logical decision most of the time.

  • Don't forget avocado. Now that's a superfood.

    • Not available everywhere.

  • I'm ok with all that stuff except the sushi. That can be seriously dangerous and I doesn't taste good anyway

    • How dangerous?

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    • That's why I said to order sushi from a experienced and reputed chef. Fresh prepared sushi is safe.
      In an authentic Japanese restaurant, the chef himself takes the order and makes sushi in front of you by slaughtering a fresh, alive fish.

    • Fuck that. I'm not a millionaire. I don't like sushi anyway. I even know Asians who don't like it.

  • Banana? Gross. I'd rather eat barf.

  • Fried chicken tastes the best. Sushi done well can be really nice though

  • i LOVE the kernel!

  • Wow your food is cheep.