Dangers of marriage for men you and I had absolutely no idea about!!! How some/most women today misuse laws and make innocent men suffer!

So I am gonna share a little take on how marriage can be a dangerous thing for men in today's world of feminism, where not all but most...

Beautiful Lace Wedding Dresses To Die For

It is hard to decide among wedding dresses. Here are some lace wedding dress ideas for you which will give an elegant look.

6 Things Wedding Guests Don't Care About

Every time I'm involved in helping to prepare someone's wedding, I want to just shake the bride in particular sometimes, because of the...

20 Black Wedding Dresses to Bring Out Your Inner Morticia Addams

Coloured wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular. The iconic black dress that Morticia always wears was her wedding dress....

17 Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses for the Ballsy Bride

Non-traditional Webdings are quickly becoming more popular. Personally, if I do get married, I would want my wedding to be...

Going To a Wedding Alone

Wedding invitations are great when you're part of a couple. There's no question of who will be your date, who you'll dance with on slow...

How to Have a Cheap @$$ Good Looking Wedding!

*A WORD BEFORE YOU EVEN START PLANNING... You, yeah, you. Despite what anyone says or tries to convince you of otherwise, you CAN...

What would you do if the person you are married to refuses to have sex with you forever?

Will you still remain married to them? My opinion would be definitely 'Yes'. I will respect her and will take it slowly. I will buy her...

Man's relationship to mother vs. man's relationship to wife?

I think this is an age old battle, lol. as a newlywed I have times where I am thinking "oh jeez you are such a momma's boy.." lol!...

How do you feel about prenups?

I know they're typically for the rich and famous, but I feel like it is something to be considered in order to have some sort of...

What partner will you prefer?

What kind of life partner will you prefer? A virgin (Never dated, never been in a relationship), a virgin (Has dated, never been in a...

Will you save more on your wedding if it's during the off-season, an off-day, or off time of day?

I know these are all ways to save, but I'm wondering which could potentially save the most if not all 3 could be done.

How did you feel when you got engaged?

And how did you know you were ready for marriage?

Is the marriage obligation?

Is the marriage obligation? What do you think abaout marriage?

My boyfriend is 25 years older than me? ıs this a problem?

hi, ı love my boyfriend and ı want to married him. but ı 28 years oldu he is 53 yeras oldu. ıs this a problem?

What's the difference (boys only please?

what's the difference between girlfriend material and wife material? what make a girl wife material?

Would you ever marry out of convenience?

Say you're low on funds, or are in a great deal of debt, or you'd be forced to leave the country. Maybe your family needs help. Would...

Engagement Ring Design... Which one do you like?

Is the yellow diamond to much?

Do you find it weird when people marry very age inappropriately?

There's a point where it's just too many years and it's just weird...

Which couples tend to have longer and happier marriage?

To me cohabitation makes marriage lose its meaning and excitement.

Would you stay?

If you and your partner got pregnant but you knew that you didn't love them would you marry just for the baby or try co-parenting?