A unique Wedding Proposal

A unique Wedding Proposal

That crazy moment every girl dreams of.. When it finally comes you'll get butterflies, stomach ache, excited, overhelmed, adrenalinized.. EVERYTHING !

Yet, the man is definitely stressed and , for some cases, gets the least thing he expected.

This video is definitely to see.

The wedding proposal

After you're done with it, you'll probably laugh, wonder why he didn't wait longer for such a huge thing or question the girl's attitude. But the main reason why I'm uploading this video is to share something unique and crazy with my G@GERS in here, shout out to all of you :*


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  • She would agree if he had bought a dress or heels for her from the showrooms nearby, instead of this. Even a chocolate works for girls, no?


    • hahaa i suppose it would have since he knew her for just 3 months, but for a longterm relationship, I personally want a man close to my heart, a bestfriend a brother, then a lover. It's not always about money you know and girls who think this wway should try and change the way they think ( same for boys too)

    • Girl, you have a bright future ahead ;_;

  • I like watching proposals. I wish I could propose to a woman.

  • asking his women to meat a friend and bring her to see a mother who gave birth to child then propose by saying that giving birth is magical thing that he only wants to do with her...


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