In love with a SCORPIO GIRL..... got rejected by her :( ... what to do? please suggest Scorpio girls??

I proposed a Scorpio, whom I know since 6 months, though she had very flat behavior with me, sometimes she behaved (again I said only SOMETIMES) kind a inclined towards me.

So finally somehow fighting with my fear, I proposed her today, and she rejected , saying that she is not much into relationships,and she don't believe in relationships,and said

" but v will be friends."

I said fine, I mean at that particular moment nothing else clicked in mind.

Well just to make a clear view, v have been studying in the same class, by nature I'm very calm and cool guy and she is a very serious studious girl.

My question is should I wait for her to develop feelings for me or A SCORPIO'S ANSWER is THAT OF A CHISELED ANSWER IN A STONE? by the way ironically I'm LEO... LEO IN LOVE WITH A SCORPIO... !


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  • i was pregnant once and I was told my child would be born under the Scorpio sign so I had an abortion.


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  • i am a scorpio, however we are not heartless and we don't always want sex, but she might and may not want commitment, my boyfriend is a leo and I would say yes if he proposed in a heartbeat...move on.

  • Either there's someone better out there or it's just not your time yet. Fate will take care of it. For now, move on and if she's the one, she'll come back.

  • Just move on, if you keep trying when she made it clear already, you will just annoy her.

  • scorpios know what they want. it appears she doesn't want you.

  • I'm a scorpio actually and I don't necessarily believe in this zodiac bullcrap... :/

    But if I were you and got rejected like that I'd move on...

    • yeah, will try to do so... but prob is I hv to b wid her for nxt 5 mnths more in same class... and that will bite me... jus hopin sumthing unexectedly gud for me .. thnx :)

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