Is $1300 for an engagement ring on the cheap side?

my bfs cousin knocked up some girl in the first month of dating and he bought her an engagment ring for Christmas. my boyfriend told me he saw the 2ct. ring with diamond band type thing on either side. his cousin says he spent $1300 on it, like it was a huge amount. maybe I don't know as much as I thought, but that seems toward the cheaper end of the price range. I thought even a 1ct diamond ring of even poor quality would be more than that. I told my boyfriend that and he said that was a ton of money. then it became a discussion of what he is willing to spend on a ring for me and how my taste may just be too expensive. id always just assumed that a nice looking ring, not even big, would cost someone at least $3,000. so maybe his cousin doesn't know what he bought or my boyfriend got his info wrong. I only know that his cousin told me it was $1300. I never saw the ring, but when my boyfriend saw it after that and told me 2ct I told him it must be sh*tty diamonds or it isn't a big as he any one with any engagement ring shopping experience would like to discuss curious now.

i don't want your opinion on how much a ring should or shouldn't cost. I want to know the actual price of a ring like I described. please remove all emotional feeling on the subject of engagement rings and give me facts, not useless opinions. JESUS. F***ING. CHRIST.


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  • Rings are bullsh*t, the guy is ready to sacrifice his happiness for the woman. You material creatures, it's all about money isn't it. 1300$ is a lot of cash, not everyone has it, maybe that is a high price for him, think about it. He is commiting to her and that is what matters. Price tags are just the way economy works, diamonds are absolutely useless, unless you use them for industrial cutting.

    $1300 is not really a ton of cash for a diamond ring, normal 2ct. diamonds are at around $ 2000, $ 3000 . But 1300$ is easily the highest amount he had to pay for a single item up till now. Do not judge it.

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      Omg who the f*** cares about the price - it's just a damn ring anyway. He did give up a lot in that respect. On top of the economy state too?

      Pretty sh*tty to talk down on the guy.

      QA - why the f*** do you think you even deserve a 3,000 dollar ring? What makes you so wonderful?


      Get out of here with that entitlement sh*t.

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      Stop arguing ! This went from pleasant through entertaining, but now it is just plain offencive, dull, immature - plain stupid. Stop arguing about something as stupid as money. oOsweetonessOo stop attacking her and you assley stop replying. IMO you are both acting like kindergardners.

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      QA - um " taste ( yours) is too expensive?" Thinking that 1300 bucks is cheap for a ring? What the hell? A decent ring is about 3,000 bucks? Those are all your opinions, and it came off as I explained - hence why we're arguing anyway.

      @ Answerer - your not my father - she attacked me first for no reason - just because I agreed with what you said. This whole discussion was rather pointless, and I have no idea why she keeps it going. If you don't like my opinion than f*** off.