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I might buy football tickets for my boyfriend's birthday ..what's the best seats?

its at the new Dallas stadium ..i was just wondering what's the best seats to get for a football team? I'm sure front row is the best of course but I... Show More

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  • I'm not exactly the best guy to ask for this but I will say that I wouldn't want behind the goal. To me, closer to the fifty the better. Behind the goal, the action is hardly ever actually close to you and when they are on the opposite end, you don't really know what the heck is going on. Near the fifty, you can see what's going on just about the entire time and there's no point where the action is just super far away from you.

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  • omg I want to go to that stadium so badly (even though my 1st team are the giants lol)well get em on the 50 and pretty close I guess..but for like $30 you can stand and watch the team run on the field so your like 10 ft away from then and its like a bar kinda thing..try and get that=)

  • Any seat that isn't in the Dallas Stadium.Seriously, though. Closer to the field, closer to the field, closer to the 50 yard line. Or, y'know, get seats at either end behind the uprights, which can also be fun.

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  • Years ago I was in Dallas and got to go to a game. We sat in the freaking nosebleeds and it was still awesome! If he's a big fan, he won't care where the seats are, he'll just appreciate that you got him this great gift. If you can only afford nosebleeds, go anyway and take binoculars.PS - if he's really a big Cowboys fan, get a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader outfit and present his tickets wearing that!

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