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My boyfriend doesn't spend money on me, instead wants me to do it.

Whenever we go out, whether it be movie, lunch or any other place, it is me who pays the bills or buys the tickets.1 out of 10 times he does it. he... Show More


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  • That sounds like a total use of your love. (sorry about that)

    I don't know how is the relation, but you never mentioned anything about having fun with him, or enjoying something.

    Only money money money, first of all. You don't need to spend money AT ALL. There are plenty of ways to enjoy time without going to a movie, restaurant, or always to buy presents.

    I can't even believe that he enjoys getting money from you. Try to pass time with him without using money, like going to a park or doing some home activity.

    If he doesn't like it, he doesn't like you, but your money.

What Guys Said 2

  • I would just dump the loser, he's using you and you don't deserve that. You sound like a nice girl but don't be the girl that gets played, if he really loved you he would call you and he would work his hardest to make it on his own and be able to give you nice things, I know if I'm with a girl I care about I can't wait to be able to talk to her, do what ever it takes to bring a smile to her face, I'm also in college so I know money can be tight but I still wouldn't let my girl pay for everything or most things, I know I can't take her to a 5 star restaurant but I can cook a dinner that seems like it came from one, I just think you need to evaluate your relationship and see if he actually loves you or the fact that you flip his bills

    • Thanks for all the answers guys.

      But dumping him doesn't seem easy. It wil definitely be difficult for me, but even if I do it, he will text me the next day and say I have been drinking and drinking since yesterday and vomitting continuously. and I will patch up with him again. This has happened a lot many times earlier.

What Girls Said 1

  • Sending him money is pretty dumb. I'd stop that right away.

    But as for spending money on you, I wouldn't expect my boyfriend to do that. I'm a student too, and know how tough it can be financially. You should each pay your own ways. If you go to the cinema, buy your own tickets. Buy your own drinks. That is the only fair way.

    My boyfriend is already out of uni and is earning, so I don't feel so bad when he buys me stuff (as in the occasional meal, drinks if we go out etc). But once I get out of uni and start earning, I'll pay my own way.

    Definitely don't give him money though.

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