Why does my boyfriend suddenly want nothing to do with me?

i've been with my boyfriend for exactly a year now. after a month or two I completely fell in love with them. I kind of moved into his apt with him and his friends, and when his lease went up, we moved into our own apartment. we lived together until he lost his job, so he had to move back home with his parents. this was a HUGE change for me, he picked up two new jobs (working AM & PM, 6 days a week), and his family is very traditional (no sex before marriage, etc.) so he can almost never spend the night at my apt. I went from seeing him all the time for 11 months to seeing him for 20 mins a day. it seems like him moving home has changed his perspective on our relationship. we adopted a dog together, who I love so much I consider my child, but when we fight, my boyfriend is always quick to remind me that it's HIS dog because the paperwork is in his name. we practically only see each other when exchanging the dog.

he now does the complete opposite of everything he used to. I have body dysmorphic disorder and when I used to have my moments of feeling ugly, he would quickly look me in the eyes and tell me I was beautiful. now, he just rolls his eyes and says I look "fine", or sometimes says nothing at all. he used to love showing me off and introduced me to anyone that came in his path, now his friends and family have to constantly ask who I am. he used to take me everywhere, now he goes out with his friends instead of me. he used to always say "i love you", now if I don't say it first he doesn't say it at all. if I ask if I can call him or visit him, he asks me why, like I need a reason to see or talk to him. whenever I ask to hang out, he says he has "things to do around the house". on the rare occasion that he does spend the night at my apt, he always gets up and leaves in the middle of the night due to one excuse or the other. he's always on my phone and computer, but if I ever want to use his he gets super paranoid and won't let me touch them. he told me he would never cheat, because his ex cheated on him numerous times and broke his heart. I believe him, but I still have trust issues because I found an inappropriate txt he sent to a girl months ago (we spoke about it). I understand that he's busy but it's the fact that I'm the one who constantly has to initiate the kisses, hugs, I love you and getting in touch that hurts me the most.

now the hard part: I'm moving back home with my parents across the country. I'm devastated to be leaving him, but he didn't even seem upset, just supportive of the idea that I'd be saving up money. I've tried gently discussing this all with him before but he just gets upset and storms off.

he's been an amazing boyfriend and very loving and supportive of me. I don't want to put 1200 miles between us with our relationship in this fragile state. I want to leave knowing that we both are madly in love with each other and can trust each other. why is he being so distant? its hard not to be clingy when our time together is numbered.
Why does my boyfriend suddenly want nothing to do with me?
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