What does it mean when a girl (colleague) suddenly texts you out of the blue after 4 full months of silence?

The short version of the story: I started a new job and met this girl, at that time I had never seen her before and didn't even know that she would be my new colleague, we were both new to the job. After we introduced ourselves to each other we spend a lot of time together for the past few months. FAST FORWARD ->->-> Now, after 3 months of friendship there were a few things I knew about her: She had a boyfriend, she is intelligent, she is beautiful, she is friendly and most of all a girl that is independent! So, as for me I always fall in love with strong women that can stand their ground without any help from anybody... But that's not the point! After a while, even knowing she already had a boyfriend, I started to have feelings for her but I knew it wasn't right! So I tried to ignore her and my feelings, I avoided every single contact with her for a month or so, after that I couldn't keep it all bottled up anymore so I confessed everything to her. After telling her the truth about how I felt about her, I told her that I respect the fact that she has a relationship and as a friend I just want her to be happy with or without me by her side. I asked her if she would ever brake up with him of she would like to go out for dinner with me and she laughed and answered she would love to! So after a few days I just couldn't accept the fact she rejected me and started to keep myself on the background and leave her for what she was. After another month of silence she mailed me at work and asked me of everything was alright? ... I didn't reply to her mail and just continued with ignoring her for the last 4 months. Now, after the 4 months she is staying home for family issues. So I don't see her at work anymore..., It made it more easy for me to forget her and ban her out of my life. But 2 days ago I was waiting at the bus station and she must have noticed me somehow and texted me out of the blue: "Were you that who was waiting at the bus station a few minutes ago? X" I didn't recognise her number because I deleted hers and she had changed it already for the third time in a row, so I replied: "Who is this?" and followed up with: "That's right, it was me". And she replied: "Sarah" (her name) afterward nothing at all from both of us. Now, I just want to know why did she text me so suddenly? What was her motive? What was she hoping for? She used me for 'unconditional attention that she wasn't getting from her primary boyfriend' and she would never take initiative to start a conversation in any way! I was so fed up with her behavior towards me that I really banned her out of my life and now this!? What is a boy to do with a girl like that...? Can somebody please help me! I thank everybody for their responses!
What does it mean when a girl (colleague) suddenly texts you out of the blue after 4 full months of silence?
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