What does it mean when a girl texts you first, but then she suddenly cuts the conversation short?

After only a few (I mean a FEW, like 2-3) exchanges of text messages of you trying to get a conversation going she'll start texting just one or two word responses to things that can clearly be elaborated on.

I then stop texting her because it's clear she's not interested in a conversation. I have pretty low self esteem so this bums me out a lot, so then I don't text her for a few days, then all of a sudden she'll text me out of no where and this happens all over again.

Am I saying or doing anything wrong?


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  • She was doing something else whilst you were txting, It got really detracting, she had to stop and engage further with her real life that was happening around her, rather than the life that existed in the screen of her phone (i.e you). She probably doesn't mean anything by it and would be horrified to know that you are reading so much into this. Calm down, text her casually l8r, maybe in a couple of days about something amusing.

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    Two men walked into a chemistry themed bar. The first said "I'll have H2O", the second said "I'll have H2O too". The dies!

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    What Men Know About Women.

    You get the picture, (not sure why I put so many jokes!) The gender ones are self deprecating towards men as she is a girl. Hope they help! :D

    • LOL those were great! Thanks!

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  • Could be that you text her at inconvienient times. And maybe she doesn't like talking all the time. Maybe once a week would be good for her.

    The next time you speak you could say - "Is this a good time? Cos your replies seems like your busy" and see what she says.

    • I text her within minutes of her texting me. If it was a bad time then why would she text me first? :(

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    • I hope so. My neighbors are too noisy lol

  • She is the one doing it all wrong! ha ha I hate when my friends do that, but it's because they have no awesome personality. I also hate when they send long texts because I fall asleep.

    She doesn't see you as the insecure guy you are and she's probably the same way

    • I know she's not. She's very much the polar opposite to my quiet type. I mean total opposite I sometimes wonder why she even bothers talking to me to begin with.

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    • that is the cutest thing ever ha ha you guys sort of like complete each other. The 20 mile hike sounds like me but last time it was 26 miles pushing a 500 pound hand cart, but I know how to settle down and read or watch a movie. Find some other girls to get your mind off of her! Its not cheating or anything haha

    • Yeah I should. Haha

  • hmm well what kind of questions are you asking her? Ask her question on things that you want to get to know her!

    • Simple things like "Hows your day going?" or "How was your weekend?".

      Sometimes I'll ask her specific questions like "Hows your dog doing?", her dog was really sick for two days so she took him to the vet and she'll respond with "Fine" and that's it. Or "How do you like your new apartment?" and once again she'll respond with "Fine".

      It's nothing ever rude, intrusive, or private.

    • It seems to me she is only texting you when she is bored. you might need to move on from her or be honest with her saying I am really interested in you but you don't seem to be interested...or something. don't beat around the bush either ask her out or find a better girl

  • i think she's insecure too...she sends you the next & then feels that may b you dnt want to have any conversation,or mayb she shouldn't hav texted you.so she stops the conversation herself.

    • I really doubt she has any insecurities. She's practically perfect lol

    • lol!she might be thinking the same thing about you,you never know... :P

  • This happens to me as well but it's because I can't keep the conversation with him you have to think of more interesting things then how are you doing.


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  • it seems she is bored and needs someone to talk to really

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