My boyfriend suddenly changed for the worse! Why!!

Me and my boyfriend been together 6 months. At first everything was great, calling, texting, dinner and movie nights... The he changed, all of ussusen he changed. He stopped calling me like he used to faithfully do and then claimed "he Does not like talking on the phone" if he text me their pretty short messages, when I tell him how he is changing or ask why he is changing or tell him I don't like the way he's changing he will claim I'm nagging too much. He treats me with disrespect he could care less about my feelings he could care less about communicating he could care less about trying to fix the problem he just doesn't care alll out of the blue! And I did nothing but be loyal to him and be the best gf I could be! Why did he change? Why did he stop caring? I broke up with him cause I felt as if I didn't need to be treated that way. And he still didn't care. And he smokes. He would rather smoke then fix our problems. I told him either your drugs or me and he was just like I'll think about it. Like wtf? You'll think about it? Ugh! Just upsets me to know he used to be so thoughtful and caring and loving then boom he just went into an I don't care and I never will stage? Do guys act like this when there's someone else or what? I miss him too I feel so sad. Did I do anything wrong for wanting to communicate and fix problems? Will he realize he did wrong and come back? Bottom line out of NOWHERE he just... gave up on us.. I didn't see it comming..


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  • I'm Going To Give You My Unlicensed Professional Opinion, Your Young, Dont Think Every Guy You Meet Or Date Will The One You Marry, Let This Guy Go, In The Long Run He Will Probably Regret It But By That Time You Will Already Be Making Another Guy Happy, It's For The Best, It Will Be Hard At First But Well Worth It...


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  • Give him some space live your life as if nothing Is wrong once he realizes what he had Lost he will try to get you back but you need to ask yourself are you better off without him?

    • Will he ever realize what he lost? Or will he continue to just not care? :/ and I feel as if I am better off without him but another part of me is missing him a lot.. The old him :/

    • People change, my ex sure did after we left middle school and went onto high school he changed right out of the blue and started drinking and everything I had never since him act that way. I felt the same way when I started noticing my ex was changing a lot of me missed the old him but we can't change people. One day he will realize what he's lost you just keep doing what your doing and distract yourself and don't chase him, let him chase you.

    • Sorry, the "old him" is gone.

  • Sounds like he checked out. He probably just got tired of you or something. I'm not saying you're bad or that it was your fault it just happens sometimes. Either that or he was cheating on you and he would rather just be with the other person because it was easier than to be with you. Props to you for putting 110 percent in the relationship though, not many girls like that anymore. Just have fun, enjoy life and who knows maybe you'll meet a great guy soon that appreciates you as much as you appreciated this wackjob.

  • You're young, guys come and go. You need to move on


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  • My ex changed for the worse too he drinks now actually and it just worried me so much. I couldn't sleep at night at all I always had bad dreams of him drinking and dying and stuff and I just couldn't take it. I couldn't agree with you less seems like you and I had similar relationships because I did everything I could for my ex I loved him, supported him, everything and he just changed right out of the blue. Plus I was always the one trying he didn't do a single thing in the relationship besides make up excuses of course. I then woke up one day and I was just like I had enough of the way he treated me how he doesn't deserve me. You didn't do anything wrong he must be blind by your beauty or by not wanting to effort in your relationship and fix the problems. That's how I felt when my ex broke up me that I had done something wrong but he was the one that begged for me to come back. Don't blame it on yourself its his loss not yourself there's nothing wrong with you. If he can't respect you in public then he doesn't deserve you in private. Learn the difference between what you are getting out of a relationship and what you truly deserve. Just to let you know you aren't alone my ex is now an alcoholic I wish he never started drinking but now that he and I are in high school there's nothing I can do. He cut all ties with me a couple of months ago so now we don't say anything or talk to each or anything whatsoever. My ex broke up with me like right out of the blue I didn't see it coming either until I asked him wait r u breaking up with me and he said yes and I tried to hold in my tears but I couldn't. I tugged onto his arm before he was about to go but he was like I gotta get back to my friends so yeah he just left me in tears. I wanted to keep going with him but he isn't ready for a committed full time relationship if he can't even treat me right. I didn't really ask for a lot from him either just to put in effort and do his part and stop letting me do all the work.

    • how did you get over him? how long did it take too? :( it feels good to know im not alone in this situation, that someone actually can relate to me

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    • i do feel in a way now he's gone that now i can focus more on school work and stuff but is it bad for me to feel hope that he will change? and in2 weeks he said his parents will send him to rehab if he fails a drug test (and im sure he will fail) will i be doing wrong if i text him in 2 weeks and ask about the whole rehab situation? or should i just pretend to not care? cause i mean i already said i miss you and got no reply so im scared to ask how the rehab is comming about cause if he dont reply to that then i will look desperate for a conversation. (and i do honestly care about this rehab situataion cause i do care about him and whats good for him to stop all the drugs, ex bf or not)

    • I honestly don't know what to say if I was you I wouldn't be chasing him and caring about him he is your ex for a reason don't keep walking back to him when you need to walk away. I don't ask my ex about anything don't talk to him whatsoever. I think it would be wrong for you to contact him if he needs you he'll contact you stop doing all the work. I've helped you all that I can or at least tried if you want to keep following him and checking up on him or whatever that's on sorry I can't help you but I've been there done that. If u want him back u get him back unlike me I go about my business that's on you. Your life, your decision. Good bye

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