Asian Men--African American Women?

I know everyone has their own preferences. Like me as an African American woman, I find Asian men very attractive physically. However, I rarely see these two cultures mix. Is there a reason?

Men and Women answers please. ^^

People...This wasn't meant to become a racial debate. It was a simple question. No one should be getting this offended, which is why at this point, I'm going to annex this back and forth with delaisback.


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  • Hmmm in Asia I know white skin is like super glorified.. Like there are women that wear hats and gloves in the summer so their skin doesn't get tan... many are obsessed with having very light skin. Like instead of regular tanning they have white tanning where they help to whiten your skin tone.

    I think Asians that are raised in western countries are different though being raised in a different cuture and everything especially if they have been here for a few generations. Our perspectives of beauty are more diversified.

    Anyway if you love somebody racial barriers shouldn't get in the way.. I'm sure you will find somebody who loves you just as much as you love him whether he be Asian or not.

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      lol why did I get downvoted for this?

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      Asians from Asia do that and even inject themselves to get whiter. Always carry an umbrella around and always sunscreen. Oh and, some eat pills to get whiter and foods. I'm Taiwanese and I grew up in the west. I'm more tanned. When I go back, they're all like use this and eat this and you'd become whiter. Tbh... I was okay with the way I looked O.o