Asian Men--African American Women?

I know everyone has their own preferences. Like me as an African American woman, I find Asian men very attractive physically. However, I rarely see these two cultures mix. Is there a reason?

Men and Women answers please. ^^

People...This wasn't meant to become a racial debate. It was a simple question. No one should be getting this offended, which is why at this point, I'm going to annex this back and forth with delaisback.


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  • Hmmm in Asia I know white skin is like super glorified.. Like there are women that wear hats and gloves in the summer so their skin doesn't get tan... many are obsessed with having very light skin. Like instead of regular tanning they have white tanning where they help to whiten your skin tone.

    I think Asians that are raised in western countries are different though being raised in a different cuture and everything especially if they have been here for a few generations. Our perspectives of beauty are more diversified.

    Anyway if you love somebody racial barriers shouldn't get in the way.. I'm sure you will find somebody who loves you just as much as you love him whether he be Asian or not.

    • lol why did I get downvoted for this?

    • Asians from Asia do that and even inject themselves to get whiter. Always carry an umbrella around and always sunscreen. Oh and, some eat pills to get whiter and foods. I'm Taiwanese and I grew up in the west. I'm more tanned. When I go back, they're all like use this and eat this and you'd become whiter. Tbh... I was okay with the way I looked O.o

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  • Well black girls (African American is an inaccurate term as it applies to people actually from Africa, no offense) are the least likely statistically to date outside their race. Compounding this is that black culture frowns on black people, specifically the women from dating outside their race. Also it is a perceived class issue as Asian and whites are perceived to be upper class, and blacks and Hispanics are lower class, so a perceived class boundary is also in the way. Finally Asian people in general are very likely to stick to their race, and Asian men generally like to be in control in a relationship, where as black women are seen to be bossy and have an attitude, which makes them undesirable to Asian guys.

    I believe all of these factors influence the extremely low numbers of black girl/ Asian guy couples, as opposed to the most common interracial couple of Asian girl/ white guy who don't have the issues (perceived and not) affecting their pairing.

    I hope this helps and please understand this is a politically incorrect, but ultimately correct assessment.

    • (pt.1)Well, as far as being African American, whether someone is from the continent or not, does not effect their bloodline. I found that statement completely ridiculous. I'm Nativa and African American, both of my bloodlines cut off at sometime due to be inslaved and given a new name or slaughtered off. So forgive me, If I can't reach back and give you a name of my great great great and so-on grandfather like you may be able to. Noticing your comment, I'm going to guess you have rarely come in

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    • You might want to look up how to use a semi-colon. Just a thought.

    • You might want to think of something worth commenting about, just once in your life, just an obvious thought.

  • How often do you see a black and Asian couple on the big screen? I've never seen it aside from Romeo Must Die.

    I've seen black/white couples on screen...and Heidi Klum and Seal get a lot of's what the media usually puts out there.

    Asian men and African women are typically deemed the least desirable by the media, which is one of the main reasons why you rarely see them together. People talk about Halle Barry or Alicia Keys being so beautiful...but they are also half white and have a lighter complexion and are almost given "white" status. Rarely do I see a black woman given much thought as a lead broadcaster in a news cast. Same with Asian guys. In fact, there is none in my area...we do have female co-leads, but none who strictly lead. I've never seen an Asian male co-lead, just a reporter.

  • Asian men are hot. Jealous people will b the first to comment on th stereotypical size. that is all.

  • asain men low profile always. I think Asian people's thinking and habits is hard to with the American people converging .but over the years more and more people married with American in china ,and the babys awalys handsome

  • Some Asians feel that paler skin is more attractive, but there are a lot of Chinese-African couples in some of China's bigger cities, and in Taiwan.

  • asain

  • both

  • And not like who, the probability of cultural exchange is small, so less contact, the small probability can become partners~

  • Asian = Lower end of the spectrum (but not all are small)

    Black = Higher end of the spectrum (but not all are big)

    Asian men are typically short, skinny, and around the below average-to average in size. The Asian men who get with black women do not fit this mold, they are usually taller than normal, have a bigger penis, and are masculine.

    The stereotypical Asian does not appeal to black women, though.This accounts for a majority of their population. It goes both ways; not all black girls are short, petite, and have small vaginas. They are rare.

    • We don't all have large gaping holes for vaginas, that is a stereotype. Maybe more "deeper" but not wider. Thx

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    • i find that Asian men are generally more attractive than black men

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  • Not sure.
    I just assume you are most likely to date people from your friend/acquaintance pool so it just depends how diverse that is.

    I am from a large city and have dated guys of all races and a few mixes.
    I don't think I have a preference for any race, because people don't really adhere to stereotypes.

    Also, every guy I've been with has been 6ft+ and I have never noticed any of the penis size stereotypes to be true at all. I've always wished this "data" was recorded and presented with heights included. I would assume if you measured legs on people of different heights they would vary too, and average lengths would be longer for bigger and taller people. I think maybe this pseudo science would benefit from controlling the heights of individuals being examined. It would be strange if the average Asian man had a c*ck that was the same size as the average white man even though their body size was half a foot shorter.

  • First I gotta say, that I'm also really into Asian guys! They're so cute!

    Ok, to the question.

    I think maybe it is somehing cultural, but that's maybe with the native Asians. Asian guys that has been raised outside Asia probably meet dark skinned people everyday.

    But in Asia I think it is very unusual, and even something exotic! :)

    I don't really know, but I think the cultural differences in the answer.

  • Social pressures

  • I saw this couple once on an episode of Four Weddings. I think he was Japanese?

    I went to high school with a Filipino boy that only dated black and mixed girls.

    A friend in high school is half AA/half Filipino but looks mostly black and she dated a Filipino guy.

    But other than that it's very rare and I used to live in a military town where people are more likely to mix so that probably had something to do with it. Other than that no. I'm not attracted to Asian men, nothing against them as people but they don't usually do it for me.

  • u might saw lots of comments here, but when you meet with a right person (who is what/how you like) and it just happens.

  • there's a couple in my dorm where a korean guy is dating a woman from st. lucia! they are a very dynamic and cute couple! also I know an african amercian guy dating a japanese/chinese girl.

    i think its just how the individuals that are brought up. people born and raised in Americas are more open minded and those who are raised in countries where there is a clear majority (aka hong kong = chinese) end to go for their own culture.

    • do note that Asian families prefer their children to marry into their culture and sometimes look down upon their offspring dating outside east asia cultures or Caucasian cultures. its just a mentality thing in my opinion.

  • Asian families usually don't want their kids to mix so that could be a reason

  • wow just wow

  • Yes, I agree with you. I live in a diverse city with lots of different people and while I do see quite a few interracial couples, rarely do I see Asian and african American. The only explanation I can come up with is because of family and culture differences. Also, if you see Asian beauty stores and commercials, they are fixated on being "white". they have whitening creams and lotions, etc. They want to be white, like people here want to be tan. So that could also be another reason because of the skin color preference.