Why low/no expectations are actually good

Why low/no expectations are actually good

This is for the over thinkers out there...

So a while ago I watched a video on YouTube by Jenna Marbles, and the topic she was speaking on was how low/no expectations are good for your life and I really wanted to get this out there because her advice is actually eye opening. I know the wording on the topic actually has a negative connotation but in reality it basically means whatever comes your way in life shouldn't feel like its right or wrong because in reality we make so much desicions everyday so in turn life can go in any way. Some people think if they do something hard enough that for sure they will get it, for example someone who practices everyday to become a big time musician, his or her expectation is to make it in big time when in reality it an go either way. I feel like people shouldn't have a concrete image in their head on where their life should go because the higher your expectations for everything the more dissapointment you will face.

I'm not saying dont have any goals or standards but lets say you want a promotion and in your head you're thinking "if I do x I can get y" when in reality you can get any other letters of the alphabet including x again. Some people also think they will find their spouse in a romantic situation or someone they know when they will probably find them over online dating or one day get caught in the rain when you look like absolute shit.

I feel like if you had no expectations, everything that comes to you in life weather good or bad will be a surprise and in turn you are more grateful for the good times that do come because lets face it, how many times did you date someone you knew was bad for you or will end in a bad way? And how many times did it go that way and you were completley heart broken? Yeah. If you live your life with the attitude that whatever comes my way weather good or bad i can handle it, then everything gets way easier.

One example is when I started my first job a couple months ago, I thought everyone will be friendly to me and since everyone is older than me they will be mature about everything etc but after like a week i find out shit people are bitches here!

I feel you can set your goals as high as you want but the expectations of the outcome should be low/none because I feel it would allow you to live your life without the fear of failure and enjoy any success you get.This is not really glass half empty, its actually the glass is totally full because you didn't expect any water to even be in it.

Anyways hope this helped!


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  • Mhmm, Can also be bad too.

    I mean, I literally have no expectations, The way i see it, This shit existance i have now is it forever, and i may aswel just accept that till the day i die (Which hopefully will happen before im 20).

    So, I can imagine how having some expectations may be good for self morale or some shit, But, to have expectations you need to be worthy of them, I mean, I could say i want friends or a girlfriend or something, But if im ugly as shit its not going to happen, so i may aswel not get my hopes up ya know?

    Thats how i see it anyway.


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  • I like this outlook and have been trying to live by it. It brings me pleasant surprise when my low expectations are exceeded and much less disappointment than it would if I had set them higher


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  • In a way I can relate as far as to avoid the major disappointment should you fail at what ever you do. Then again I can't exactly feel anything to encourage me to actually succeed. I am not really one to submit to the flow so I am going to have to disagree with this view.

  • Low expectations = Aiming low

  • expectations make sense if they're rational. no expectations is a poor start.

  • This helped me in summer when a took a math class, I always do well in math classes and aim for high marks but I knew at the rate summer school was going I was not going to get an A or a B , so I decided I will just do what I need to pass so I could move on to the next class because sometimes no matter how hard you try people will just learn faster, so I did what I needed and passed the class it saved me from disappointment.


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