Cute Baby Animals To Cheer You Up!

I find that looking at adorable animals almost always makes me happy. If you're an animal lover or are in a bad mood, here are many pictures of adorable animals. (If I know them personally, I will also tell their names)

Cute Baby Animals To Cheer You Up!

The above is Stan.

The above is Peanut.

The above is Rockie.

The above is Mange.

The above is Slate.

The above is Rabbit.

My freind's cat, Smokie.

My friend's cat Tux.

My cat Smokey.

Above is a baby ocelot.

Above is a fennec fox.

Baby owls.

Baby bunny.

@Maxemeister- show your bunnies, they're gorgeous.

Baby panda.

Baby red panda.

Baby pig.

If you have any pictures of baby animals you would like to share (or even not babies, I don't discriminate against animals), share the cuteness! I hope these made you go "aw" a little :)


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