The 6 Greatest Things I Have Ever Experienced

The USS Midway museum

Top 6 of the greatest things I have ever experienced

Amazing museum highly recommend it. It's probably my favorite museum, ever. Plus because I am a total adrenaline junkie, it was here I talked my brother into going on the plane simulator with me and I subjected him to a series of barrel rolls. Plus I leaned on the very top side of the ship and looked at the statue of The Kissing Sailor, and it felt so peaceful.

Disneyland with my family

I love going to Disneyland with my family. My favorite ride is still The Tower of Terror. I would love to meet Raunzel, Flynn, Merida, Tiana, Dr. Facilier, actually all of the characters.

Seeing Phantom of the Opera, live

Fantastic show. This was the cast that performed for her majesty, the queen and every single one of their shows have sold out. And it totally makes sense because every cast member is talented.

Staying in a beach house

As a grad present my sister gave me the opportunity to stay in a beach house like the ones in the picture. I have seen the ocean many times but this was the first time I actually got to experience the ocean. I love walking in the water, reading on the sand, and taking a nap in a driftwood hut.

Volunteering in a hospital

Volunteering at a hospital made me feel good to be a part of something larger than myself and while I could only do it for a short time before I had to get a paying job, to pay immediate expenses I loved it so much, I switched my major to healthcare. The only problem is that I don't know what I want to do exactly but I know it has to be in healthcare. Right now, I am pretty set on the idea of being a licensed practical nurse.

Sister saying I care about people more than I know

My sister called me this morning to tell me it's totally ok to not know what I want to do. She told me about how in college she got a four year degree in biochemistry and then listened to her own crazy idea of going to EMS training, which would only take a year. She told me about how teachers and mentors said she was insane for changing her major so drastically and also how she was always sure she wanted to go to medical school. But when she actually went to med school, she hated it.

She said that at my age, she was in a similar situation and that its okay to not know what you want to do. She then told me that the reason I was so excited to get the volunteer job at the hospital, was because I needed something to make me feel fulfilled. (Which is totally right) She then I care about people a lot more than I give myself credit for and that it makes total sense for me to major in the healthcare industry. I feel a lot better not knowing what I want to do, exactly since my sister was in a similar situation and now she is very successful. She works as care flight paramedic and owns her house.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Splendid and awesome experiences indeed! Ypu should listen to your sister you and her seem really close from what you've posted about her in the past on here. I've done some awesome stuff myself, but that all pales in comparison to your experiences. But Likewise in a future mytake I'll share them

    • Honestly I wish I had a sister like yours. My siblings tend to stick close to themselves and exclude me out. Even though we have the same father. Plus I didn't really move in with them till March 2014. So I guess I pretty much don't fit in with them ya know

Most Helpful Girl

  • Mine are
    1. Living in Italy
    2. Marrying
    3. Giving birth
    4. Buying a brand new car and paying it off in two years
    5. Buying a house
    6. Reading books. Reading what did you expect by Paul Tripp. Great book. I love self help books especially the bible.

    • Living in Italy is one of the best experience of your life? We must come from two different dimension then.

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    • @Giacomanzo Italy is much more beautiful than the USA.

    • I've never lived in the US, but you live in a very different side of Italy than mine. As a mater of fact, North IS much more efficient than South. Ever been in Rome for more than the tourist time? It is just impossible to live around it and not exactly at the center of it. I heard saying that L. A. is like that as well from a guy who live there. Cool, think of South Italy as a giant L. A., then.
      Of course there are a lot of advantages, like fresh food here cost way lesser than a lot of other countries, there is a lot of countryside everywhere, the beach is reachable from basically everywhere.
      But in the other end, job opportunities are none. You probably don't know that, but most of neo-laureati struggles to find a job, administration is pain in the ass and you have to go in 200 different offices to have a single document accepted, and I could go on and on with inefficiency problems.


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What Guys Said 5

  • thats awesome

  • Haven't experienced a single one of these XD

  • Nice I liked the part about subjecting your brother to barrel rolls

  • I loved the list! Only thing I might add on. My own personal list is going out on the beach on my 17th birthday with friends and smoking hella weed. And no I'm not a stone or lazy... I just enjoy smoking sometimes

  • Where is sex on that list


What Girls Said 5

  • Lol I grew up about 20 miles from disneyland, now I live about 30 miles from disneyland, I have 3 kids... and I've still never been to disneyland.

  • Your sis sounds awesome. And I'd <3 to see an opera too.

  • That is a fantastic take

  • Indeed a great list!!!

  • Nice Take!
    I saw your title and instantly thought of Disneyland and Disneyworld lol, one of my personal faves.