7 Reasons Why Chihuahuas Are The Best Dog Breed

Today I will be sharing my take on "Why Chihuahuas Are The Best Dog Breed".

Please note: These are personal opinions only. Please do not hate on, if you disagree.

1. Adorable

Why Chihuahuas Are The Best Dog Breed!

First if all Chihuahuas are so adorable! Just look at that face! You shouldn't be friends with anybody who says Chihuahuas aren't adorable. :D

2. Small Breed

Being small just adds to how cute they are! Everybody has their preference about big or small dogs. I prefer small breeds because I like to set them on my lap, take them with me places, make forts for them in my room, etc.

3. Smart

Out of all the dogs I have seen/owned, Chihuahuas are the smartest and best communicators. They learn fast, and they communicate very well. You might be wondering "How do they communicate exactly?" well, there are different ways they communicate. For example, if they are jumping around in front of you then walking ahead and looking back at you, that means they want you to follow (from my experience). Another thing (maybe not a good thing) is, they will show you if they're angry. Whether they tear everything up in the house, or crap on the walls you will know, trust me.

4. Love

Chihuahuas love.. Themselves mostly...

Ah yes, if you want a dog with an attitude Chihuahuas are the way to go. They think they are royalty, but don't worry Chihuahuas love you almost as much as they love themselves. So they will share their spot light with you.. Maybe.

5. Guard dog

Despite how small Chihuahuas are, they are pretty good guard dogs if you ask me.. Or they just have anger problems..

Once you get that look, you're about to get this one..

People are more scared of the racist Chihuahua at my house than the big guard dog. They may be tiny, but they are mighty!

6. Dress up time!

Look at all of them dressed up! Chihuahuas are super fun to dress up and they look even cuter. Also perfect for photo shoots, parties, going out, etc.

7. Happiness

Happiness comes in all shapes and sizes. For me happiness is having that one special Chihuahua right by your side. My dearest Chihuahua never ever got angry, she was always happy, and caring. And no matter what happened, she always put a smile on my face. :) <3

I hope you enjoyed my take! Until next time

Lots of love,



Most Helpful Guy

  • They make the perfect bait for fishing a real dog like a doberman or rottweiler.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I like small dogs, my first dog love was my small dog, a chihuahua mix. But she was sturdy. I think chihuahuas are a tad too frail-but the mixes are good because you get a cute apple head (which is also a flaw because it is soft and can be easily hurt) and cute face but better bones.
    I also think a lot of the dogs out there are not stable because of bad breeding (when they breed got big in the early 2000's very few cared about the breeder, just how cute and tiny they were)-they aren't emotionally sound, it would be easy to stress them out over tiny things like the hair dryer fell.
    They're also prone to being too clannish and too protective-some will form an unhealthy bond with one person and get progressively more violent as people brush off those signs as being cute (aka almost every Ceaser Milan case with a chihuahua)
    And they also bite, A LOT.

    Overall, I do like certain aspects of the breed-but chihuahuas need an overhaul. There are a lot of bad genetics out there that need to be bred out before the reputation will get better in my eyes.


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What Guys Said 5

  • Hello love ❤️

    So as soon as I saw this, the first thing I thought was "Beverly Hills Chihuahua", and then you made the "tiny but mighty" reference haha. Nice take dear 😊

  • Chihuahuas? You mean those creatures that are in the process of growing into a dog?

  • Ugh I hate little dogs. I prefer mutts over most purebreds, most lab or sheppard mixes are awesome.

  • They look more stupid than average dog

  • chihuahua dog master race lol


What Girls Said 4

  • You forgot to mention that no matter how old they are they still think they are a puppy lol. I love chihuahuas, I've owned 6 of them. I've had other breeds which are all cute and adorable but chihuahuas are my fav!!

  • 1 and 6 are the only reasons i need to be convinced.

  • So adorable...

  • Cats can even fuck up those little rats.