5 Reasons Why I Love Being a Short Man

5. I’ll never find it difficult to get attire and shoes.

I’ve never gone into a clothes store or shoe store and left without getting what I want. As a lot of men are taller than me, I am able to get a greater selection of footwear and clothes. This is fantastic and I can often get the latest fashions before some of my taller friends.

4. According to scientists, I will live longer.

Scientists back in 2014 stated that shorter men have lower blood insulin and are less likely to have cancer. A study of 8000 men showed that shorter men on average lived longer than taller men.

3. Short men experience discrimination in the workplace and that only encourages me to work harder.

Earlier this year the University of Exeter found that short men and overweight women were more likely to earn £1500 ($1950) a year less than taller and slimmer workers. A taller man will more likely get the job over me. Rather than feeling blue about this, this has only made me more determine to make a success of my life. As Margaret Thatcher once said "there is no such thing as society. There are individual men and women..." I couldn't agree more and this mentality is leading me towards a brighter future.

2. People underestimate me.

Being short means people underestimate and that's great because it's always nice to surprise and shock people. An example was when I came very close to beating a much taller, stronger and muscular friend at a chin up challenge. He was shocked that I nearly beat him. I laugh when people assume short men cannot be physical strong for I and many short men know differently.

1. I don't attract that many women.

This is the best thing about being a short man. I love not attracting a lot of women because it means I don't have deal with nearly as many mediocre and terrible women as taller men and this is reflected in a study carried out a few years ago which found that shorter men had far lower divorce rates compared to average and taller men. So when my taller friends bask in the mediocrity, I sit back and smile.




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  • LOL @ number one. Deep down that bothers you.

    • ikr im short to and like yeah it sucks, all things he listed is like you high?

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  • I wish #5 were true for me. Almost all pants have to get taylored.

    #2 is actually pretty funny. I got called "the beast" by a few people in BP class today.


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  • I'm glad you love yourself

    but I'll keep my 6'9.5" height

  • Yeah - Number 1 I knew many tall men who comment on this difficulty

  • Last 3 sound like bad things rephrased to sound like good things.

  • how could number 5 be good? that sucks