Top Super Bowl 2015 Commercials

Top Super Bowl 2015 Commercials

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A Super Bowl commercial can cost thousands, even just for a 30-second slot! Check out some of the top commercials this year.

1. Clash of Clans

Actor, Liam Neeson of the "Taken" film franchise TAKES the mobile game commercial to another level as he proclaims his revenge on his virtual opponent! The barista mispronouncing his name as "Lie-am" also adds some comic relief.

2. Always

Always' #LikeAGirl campaign is both empowering and formative on the true meaning and impact of the phrase "Like A Girl!"

3. Bud Light

What can be better than real life Pac Man?! Enough said.

4. BMW

BMW uses former "Today" co-hosts Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel to demonstrate how far technology has come, resulting in their new i3, their zero-emissions, fully electric sedan.

5. Doritos

Travel much? Well one usually does not want a middle seat companion and in this case after much scheming, a man accidentally gives up the spot to a woman and her baby.

6. Budweiser

It might have nothing to do with beer, but a cute lost puppy rescued and found by the famous clydesdales tugs at your heart strings!

7. Esurance

Whether you are a fan of "Breaking Bad" or not, you are bound to enjoy this commercial and the "sorta" pharmacist.

8. Old Spice

Actor and funny man, Terry Crews spices up this year's Super Bowl commercial line up with "Nightmare Face."

9. Nationwide

Actress and comedian, Mindy Kaling walks without much notice through grocery stores and car washes until she sniffs Matt Damon and gets turned down for a kiss!

10. T-Mobile

Funny women, Chelsea Handler & Sarah Silvermancompete in a showdown of how great T-Mobile’s WiFi-calling service is. Handler goes as far as calling a possum a "rabbit!"

Now that you've replayed some of the top commercials from Super Bowl 2015, do you think they were worth the millions in advertising dollars? What were your favorite Super Bowl commercials this year?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • The Old Spice was ridiculous, insane, and hilarious as usual, and the Clash of Clans commercial was surprising for a mobile little game.

    And the "like a girl" commercial was idiotic for anyone who knows much about girls... girls in middle school/high school aren't getting their souls crushed by boys saying "like a girl." They're getting their souls ripped out because girls are evil to each other.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love Liam Neeson so ofcourse the Clash of Clans one was my favorite. Lol


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What Guys Said 9

  • This take is really better because you described every commercial unlike others' who just uploads the videos with their name only.

  • The Fiat commercial with a twist on the Viagra theme.

    I used to travel a lot do the Doritos commercial was funny and relatable

    Worst commercial the Nation Wide Insurance one with the dead Kid what a buzz kill

    Loved the one about the girls I have 2 daughters was very uplifting for girls.
    Most to cause a discussion was the Domestic violence one with the actual 911 recording of a woman calling 911 to order a pizza in hopes she can communicate she needs the police she is being beaten

  • Liked the Liam Nelson bit but hit the FF on most, especially the car commercials. The old Miller lite commercials are the gold standard. Budwiser had some good work.
    I was thinking why commercials aren't more entertaining. The whole point is to get people to watch them and get them to buy the product. Most of them are a waste of money.
    If they were all like the SB ads they would reach the goal to an audience that would look for them on thousands of hours of DVR recordings.

  • I wonder what everyone thinks the worst commercial was? I appreciate the message that Nationwide tried to communicate (important to keep kids safe) but thought the dead kid was not the type of commercial I was looking forward to.

  • What about the Viagra one from Fiat? That was really funny xD

  • they were all not funny in my opinion. NFL kept getting censored years ago, and every year the commercials got less funny. Even last years stunk

  • Uhhh what about the one with Jeff Bridges?

  • Hilary Clinton may be the next president of the United States.

  • Wow, American sporting event is highly commercialized.


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