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What does it mean if a guy invites you out to see him play/his basketball game?

What does it mean if a guy invites you to his basketball game to see him play?

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  • It means he wants you to watch him. It may or may not mean he likes you, being invited to a sports game alone is not enough to tell.

    • Well, I met him at a bar and what not...I'm really just trying to figure out if he just wants to get in my pants or maybe there could be something more.

    • ah, it could be either way. But inviting a girl to a sports game seems a roundabout way to get into pants lol. But, I suppose that could be his, ah, game. I'd still go, after all it is a public place.

    • Yeah haha, I could see that...thanks

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  • He wants you to evaluate his jump shot. Be ready too give him some pointers and make sure you critic his lay ups.

    • Lay-up queen here...so, I would be sure to do that :P

    • Thats what's up !

  • He likes you.

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