Can someone think of a cute username for the name Amanda?

I can't seem to think of any that goes good with my name. I'm not creative like that

Thanks everyone those are cute((:

I'm going to have a hard time choosing

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  • Mandymoo

    • Winner

    • lol, you and I came up with the same name. great minds think alike!

    • lol this is what I call one of my friends who's name is Amanda

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  • Amandapanda..nothing cuter than a panda!

    • Dammit I was thinking Panda Manda lol

    • Amandapanda is more ...mellifluous, no?

  • Amanda seems like a fairly easy name. Here's a few real quick:BeingAmandaAmandaRulesAmandaRocksStoryOfAmandaMindOverMandy

  • Mad_Mandy

  • TheAmandaProject

  • Amen-duh!

  • AmandapantsMandypantsGo Go AmandapantsAmandaliciousMandzillaAmamogramSpamogramAmanderpAmanderellaMandymooMandypooPandapooApandapooPandypooMamzypooMandycakesAmandaramaAmandageddonAmandarifficAmandacuddlesVerandamandaAmandajammaI know, I'm so damn clever it hurts.

  • Can't really help you. Although...For Naomi - use "I MOAN"Sorry could not resist on the Movie quote.

  • # :-)-{--<dont know what it is?Well...It'sa man, duh!

    • Ohmygod, my nose is bleeding. -_-;

    • sorry... I guess.

  • Eureka ! How about Salamanda ? lol

    • if you don't like it I will change my name to Amanda and use it ! :P

  • Amandarin, Amandatory, Amandastic ! ( yeah not the most creative fella either, still tried )If I think of anything better I will let you know. ^^

  • AmandaPanda

  • A Man Duh

  • Great question. I'm crazy about an Amanda just now and you got some great suggestions for nicknames :-)

  • Womanda? ;)

  • AmandaPlease

  • AmandaNotBynes

  • pAMANDAosity link

    • Best answer and you better do what this user says. I saw a few pandas go nuts on people.

  • Candiemandie?

  • Adoramanda

  • Sweetface

  • AmandaHugginkis

  • Amandakins

  • My sisters name is Amanda and I call her UhmanDUH

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  • Amandahugnkiss. From The Simpsons

    • :P nice one

  • Mandikane!Mandikayn!Mandikey!Mandikins!Manderini lol Amandrusha! (They would probably call you that in Russia, if you were russian):p

  • NotAManduh