Why don't guys wish girls Happy Birthday?

The guy I like has never wished me a happy birthday even though I wish him one every year and give him a card and present. Is it a guy thing or is he not interested? Am I reading into this too much?


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  • How old are people on here? 10 or 12? Both guys and girls: Wow.

    Listen, I remember birthdays all the time, especially the ones that pertain to my female friends/ relatives. I just do. I know it means a lot more to them then it does to me on MY birthday.

    It seems true, that a lot of men forget these things but only because men are mars and women are from Venus. Men don't really care about their b-days (because its something we eventually "outgrow" what with getting presents and all.) it's not a big deal. So we assume, if that's how WE feel, than women MUST feel the same way (clearly the reason why us men aren't any closer to understanding women. We think understanding ourselves is understanding YOU ladies.)

    That being said, no, he doesn't "value you less" like someone mentioned earlier. Come on now. Again, women from Venus assume that since us men don't think the way they do and put thought into things the way do, something MUST be wrong and MEN are to blame. But I just explained how only seeing things your gender's perspective doesn't work for either sexes. BOTH have to think beyond what their given gender brains predispose them to.

    THAT being said, like you yourself mentioned, if guys give b-day presents all the time, your not telling me that there isn't one girl that will inevitably "read too much into it"? I'm willing to guess yes. So probably another reason guys don't. I can see it now. Guy talks amongst his friends about he got his female friend a gift that he found that she'll prob think is awesome since she'd been wanting one of *these* for forevr! Girl talks to her friend, saying "I wonder what this means. Does he love me?/thinking about me?/wanting more than friends?/ is he into me?/do I feel I'm into him?/ is he boyfriend material?/ I don't know if like him that way/ I should prob ignore him for a while so he doesn't get the wrong impression.

    ...See what I'm saying?

    Does he know you like him? You show it, but men need to hear it. Are brains and the way men are brought up is to not "pick up cues" but deal with things that are present and need our tending to. Do you ever see a guy pick up a baby to just hold it and rock them? Rarely right? But less rarely will you see a guy pick up a baby if they are crying and his objective is to soothe the baby and make then stop crying. Yet, guys who aren't being raised by present fathers (common in the US) might even be more in tune with feelings of females seeing as how they were raised by their single mother. At least in theory right?

    I'm pretty sure I already answered your question. Hopefully you and everyone else including myself, can begin to accept that men and women have different brains. Physiologically as well as different predispositions. Stop assuming, stop trying to change the other gender to be like respective gender. We are different. The reason why we most love our counterparts! Realize that when it comes to men and women, there's more to it than just black and white.

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      Wow, you give really long answers :p