Boys bullying girls is very common, so I don't know why this girl and her group of friends always pick on me. I'm not mean to them or anything. I don't even know all their names! I guess it's because I'm a really short, scrawny guy and very shy around people. "loser," that's what they call me. She and her friends are all taller than me. Very very tall girls! Today, I was trying to get to my class when her friends tripped me. She then snatched my clarinet case from me and pushed me against the wall. None of the adults were there at the time and everyone else just walked by laughing at me. Her friends said, "Leave that boy alone!" but she kept on holding my face and wouldn't let me go. She'll mess up my hair, punch my arm and tease me for being shy and stuff. I mean, she does fight with the other boys too but they're all strong and tall while I'm an ant compared to them so maybe she finds it easier to bully me. She harasses me the most though and usually leave them alone after a while but not me. But she doesn't allow anyone else to bully me. If she sees a group of boys humiliating me, she'll run up, start hitting them and yell at them to leave me alone. But when she does the exact same thing, it's okay? Other times she shouts at me across the hallway, "Hey, boy! Say hello to me!" or "You own me some money!" Crazy stuff like that. Or when she chased me (yes) while we were leaving school, wouldn't let me go, and yelled, "Boy, wish me happy birthday and Imma' let you go!" Her friends just stood there and laughed at me saying that I'm stupid. But she's nice to me when we're alone. Every time I ignore her so that she'll leave me alone, she repeats my name until I'm forced to look at her and then she says sorry. She even offers to help me or smiles and waves at me sometimes but only when her friends aren't around. It doesn't take a genius to realize that she has a bad reputation around school. A very very bad one at that. And very immature obviously. I'm so confused!
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