If a guy insults you, bullies you, or is rude to you, that means he likes you?

Girls are taught from a young age that when a boy bullies you or treats you badly its only because he likes you or has a crush on you.

In middle school, high school, and college girls are told the same thing. "He's in that awkward stage and doesn't know how to express himself". "Boys will be boys", "He's just joking" "He's not serious."

We are taught that when a guy is being mean or bad to us, that We're the ones who are overreacting and its only a mans way of showing affection towards us. Girls are told and taught that they're being uptight or misunderstanding signals.

Then when some women reach adult hood they continue to date men who insult them, bully them, and treat them badly, because society taught us that when guys insult you, and berate you, its because they like you.

I've seen the same advice on given on this site by men and women. I've seen the same men and women tell girls that a guy being abusive, or rude is just a sign that he likes her, but if its an older woman, she's an idiot who should know better.

So what do you all think? Do you think we should tell girls that a boy insulting her, bullying her, and being rude to her is just a sign of affection?

Also why dose the dynamic change into adulthood? When do the insults, bullying, and rude behavior transition from a boy just liking a girl, to a girl enjoying abuse and only liking jerks? Why is it alright for girls to accept it as children/young adults but not women?

Is there a magic age or number when boys stop being jerks? Or is there a magic age or number when girls are supposed to know when insults, bullying, and rude behavior isn't a way a man shows attraction/affection?

Will you teach this to other girls?

Why do you think we do this?
Yes, its acceptable. That is how boys and young men express interest in girls.
No, its not acceptable and leads to abusive relationships.
Depends, Sometimes it is sometimes it isn't.
None of the above, I have a different answer.
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If a guy insults you, bullies you, or is rude to you, that means he likes you?
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