My boyfriend takes his cell phone into the bathroom with him. Should I be concerned?

When we first started dating he would leave it out on the charger now it's always on him. He is less affectionate as well. Am I overreacting?


Most Helpful Girl

  • No you are not over reacting. Every guy needs to show his girlfriend affection. If you feel like its not enough then let him know. That is his job. & If he isn't willing to do it, there are many others that would. Also, I don't think you should be too concerned. But if you feel like he is hiding something than simply ask him (in a non accusing way) "Why do you always take your phone with you to the bathroom" depending on his answer should then depend on what you ask next. If I were you & he were defensive about the question than ask him if you could look through his phone. If he gets defensive about that than wait until he's sleep to go through it. Its unfortunate you would have to take that measure but sometimes you need to to get the answers you want because guys are not straightforward.