"I love you."

Words we long to hear but words we have, if we are lucky, heard from many guys we've dated. Sometimes, I have heard the words "I love you" but his actions have said, "I want sex." Sometimes, I have been caught off guard when these words were spoken to me way before I was ready to hear them.

Does saying those magical three words make it real? Not for a woman.

As a woman, I want to feel loved. Feelings come from words reinforced by actions. As the song in the 1990s said "Actions Speak Louder Than Words." Words are empty without actions to support them. If a picture is worth one thousand words, an action is worth one million! Guys, if you really want us to feel loved - SHOW us you love us.

Here are 10 simple and effective ways to show us the love.

  1. Let us have the remote control sometimes (even if it means sacrificing your sports show to watch a reality TV).

  2. Surprise us with dinner (even if you only know how to cook a grilled cheese).

  3. Rub our back, massage our shoulders, hold us close with NO expectations for a "rubdown" of your own.

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  5. Leave us a little note now and then (doesn't have to be a romantic letter, just a post-it will do) with a simple "I Love You" or "Can't Wait to See You").

  6. Take us out for a real date. A picnic in the park, walk around the city, etc.

  7. Pay ATTENTION. Yes you heard right, listen to us and respond with more than an "uh-huh."

  8. Spend time with our family. Hey we are in a relationship, this may someday be YOUR family.

  9. While we are on the subject of family, introduce us to your own family. We will know you care when you involve us in your own family.

  10. Touch us with no sexual expectations (i.e. hold our hand, put your arm around us or kiss our forehead).

  11. Make small sacrifices for us - yes, even if it means attending the opera, sappy romantic movie, etc. Guys remember, small sacrifices tend to reap large rewards.

It is the simple actions that truly make us women feel loved. So guys don't just say the words, live the words.