My Boyfriend Wants To Borrow $4,000 Dollars, Should I Do It?

I am a dipsh**

One of the stupider things I have ever done, besides getting married in Vegas, was to get a joint credit card… (with the same girl of course) Obviously I will never ever ever ever do this again. At the time I was injecting heavily with love-heroin and was drooling mad. My girlfriend thought she needed a CC and I thought that in my vast financial wisdom I could trust her.

Does this make any sense?? I mean...even a 12 year old would know not to do this right?? Clearly I didn’t and next thing you know I am the proud owner of a $10,000 dollar CC debt along with…

DRUM ROLL!..........

A break up. I never got the money back and it took over 8 years to finally remove the debt.

Crashed my beautiful motorcycle

I like to ride motorcycles and when I was 24 I had a pretty nice bike. It was an older Indian cycle that I rebuilt the engine on. I hadn’t spent excessive money on it but I put in a lot of time and the bike was a bit of a classic. A friend of mine asked me if he could borrow my bike for the weekend, I reluctantly said okay. “Sure you can use my bike, but if you crash it you pay for it!” I said in a way that meant I was too much of a pussy to say no. Unfortunately, John didn’t bother to tell me that he had never ridden a bike before. I just assumed that a fat ass, with tattoos and a goatee, knew how to ride a motorcycle!! I guess not...
"The money is keeping them together and unhappy. What a mess."

Motorcyclists have a saying, “you have either laid it down or are going to lay it down.” This simply means that everyone crashes, everyone...John’s tattoo and goatee borrowed confidence allowed him to crash the very first day riding. Causing about $1000 bucks damage to my bike. Did he pay me back? Nope, he choose to kill the friendship instead, saying it was my fault for allowing a first time rider out. What the F???

He owes his landlord $200,000!

I have a friend of mine that is really cool but has some guy troubles. She is a single mom and has been seeing the same guy for a while now. This guy, strangely enough is...Her roommate!!! (Bad bad bad!!) Her son apparently does not know about it...? Really?? She has lent this guy a lot of money over the years. A LOT OF MONEY… ($200,000 plus!) The relationship has gone south over the last six months and my friend wants out but...She wants her money back! So, she stays in the relationship and is treated very poorly by this guy.

He most likely wants out too but...the money is keeping them together and unhappy. Wow...what a mess. (if you got time, give her an answer to this. She has heard it from me but it might help to hear what other women think)

Don’t gamble with your partner

It only takes a minuscule amount of searching to find someone that has gone through a TOTAL nightmare of a divorce. The two of them fighting tooth and nail for every last scrap of ego and rightness. If this kind of relationship explosion can occur to a couple that have said the words “till death to us part” what makes you think that he wont go wonky on your ass tomorrow??

Don't lend the money!
  • Don’t allow your fear of the word NO affect your decisions
  • Wanting his/her approval by lending them $ is a BAD idea
  • Some guys/girls are just users. They learned it from mom & dad. Now they are transferring it to you. Don’t allow it.
  • One more time, DON’T Lend. Give, and feel thankful if it comes back to you.

When I asked the question on twitter, “is it okay to lend your BF money” a lot of people said it depends on how long your have been dating. Ahhh… No?

Don’t lend, GIVE, if it comes back it is a blessing

Very simple concept… Don’t lend what you cannot afford to lose. Can you afford to have your friend crash the car you lent them? The tent your boyfriend will accidentally melt in the campfire?? The 4,000 your fiancé needs for his business because he can’t make rent? Is it justified? Hell no! Unless you are willing to lose it all, don’t even consider it.

Mike Masters writes a blog for women about relationships at Traveling the world and dating every single he met along the way allowed Mike to make an uncountable number of mistakes in relationships. These mistakes led to a fluency in the psychology of dating that could only be gained from radical immersion.
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  • Yeah, never have a joint account. My mother has learnt the hard way.

  • NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nonononononononononono

  • Dont do that! hat mean he oly wants one thing and that's money.

  • I vote No..... I even had him a promissory note . I loan my ex boyfriend a lot of money (thousands) and he promised to pay me back. Had it not been for the note I would have been out of a lot of money. He apparently took our friendship for GRANTED. that is why he an ex boyfriend.

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  • your "don't lend, give" adage is something I was taught early on by my dad adn I thnk that simple piece of advice serves a HUGE purpose in life. If you "loan" or "lend" with the notion from the onset that you may not get it back it gives you perspective on every decision

  • mikethemasterbator.. you're advice is nothing but condescending and stupid. you talk like some self help guru

  • f yes!