What does it mean when a guy call you 'weird'?

A guy friend who jokes around with me, flirts with me, told me I'm so weird after I made a joke. This is like the third time he told me this.

Am I supposed to be offended? Was he just joking or was he serious about me being weird?

If a guy likes the girl, would he ever say she is weird to her?


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  • It means you are weird.

    Now, seriously. Yes a guy would say that if he likes the girl. He probably is just testing to see if you have a sense of humor and can laugh at yourself. I test girls this way myself. Think about it, being together whit someone who takes herself too seriously, and has no sense of humor can be such a pain.

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      He says it even over the phone while laughing..

      Would he say it even if he just thought of me as a friend?

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      It could also be just as a friend. It depends on the guy's personality. If you know him well, you might be able to tell if he does the same to other girls. But I would think its probably 60% probability he likes you romantically.