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What does it mean when a guy call you 'weird'?

A guy friend who jokes around with me, flirts with me, told me I'm so weird after I made a joke. This is like the third time he told me this. Am I... Show More

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  • It means you are weird. Now, seriously. Yes a guy would say that if he likes the girl. He probably is just testing to see if you have a sense of humor and can laugh at yourself. I test girls this way myself. Think about it, being together whit someone who takes herself too seriously, and has no sense of humor can be such a pain.

    • He says it even over the phone while laughing.. Would he say it even if he just thought of me as a friend?

    • It could also be just as a friend. It depends on the guy's personality. If you know him well, you might be able to tell if he does the same to other girls. But I would think its probably 60% probability he likes you romantically.

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  • yah... just yes.i say this to girls (some of which I like) all the timeunless it obviously wasn't, it was probably a compliment and weird isn't bad. most guys want their own special girl that is theirs and unique.

  • he could be joking or serious. only you can tell if you know him well

  • Holy sh*t, you must be a freak, and he is in love you but you are so crazy he can't be with you! lolz. If he is flirting with you it is obv working because you are in such a tizz over a benign comment. You are probably a little quirky and that is all, if you were too weird, he probably would be running for the hills.

  • he was teasing you if you were actually weired enough people comment on it he woulden't be hanging out with you even

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  • He likes you...

    • Why do think so?

  • Haha a guy has called me weird before. Turns out he liked me... but I call everyone weird all the time, its nothing personal. just a joke:)

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