How to NOT break up with someone

When you don't feel the same spark that you used to with someone telling them that it's over can seem like the worst thing that you can ever do. Believe it or not there is an easy right way to do it but a lot of people opt for the difficult and more painful wrong way. Try to avoid these and make the break up easier for everyone.How to NOT break up with someone

1. Ignoring the person

This may seem like the easiest option because you may think that eventually the person will get the message and move on with their life without anyone having to have their feelings hurt. Chances are though that the person is probably wondering what they did wrong and how they can fix it which will end up making more trouble for you in the long run. There will be many unwanted phone calls, text messages, and visits to your house if you choose this way and in the end you could end up blowing up at this person and hurting them further. Avoid doing this option.

2. Blaming the person

So while you may have had the courage to tell them you want out you end up blaming them for what they did wrong. While they may have done things to push you over the edge like constantly start fights or act shady it isn't a good idea to make the person feel like they were the cause of ruining the entire relationship. If they were happy in the relationship this will make them feel horrible and they will blame themselves because they heard it from you.

3. Texting the person

It may not seem like a big deal to someone until it happens to them. The last thing someone wants to see on there phone is a text message saying something like "it's over" or "I'm breaking up with you." There is no nice way to break up with someone over text it really doesn't work and it makes it look like you have no respect for the person at all.

4. Cheating

Some people want out of a relationship so badly that instead of just telling the person they want out they are willing to cheat and hope that the person will break up with them. This one should be obvious but I will explain it anyway. If you are cheating with someone you would rather be with than your current SO if she finds out that you were cheating she won't trust you and you might ruin any chance of a relationship with the person. If it was just a hook up think of what your SO will say about you to the people around you? You don't want people to think less of you... right?

So how should you break up with someone? It isn't easy to tell someone you don't love them anymore, especially if they still love you and it is hard to hurt someone's feelings but the right way to break up with someone is to meet up with them in person and tell them how you are feeling. Don't blame them for things that they may have done wrong during the relationship. They may want to try and fix things and it is up to you whether you want to give the relationship another go or not. If you don't tell them that you want to move on. Try and make it more about how you are feeling so that they don't feel like they ruined everything.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I agree with the ignoring part. Even though I haven't been in a real relationship, my closest one to it was being rebounded and I was manipulated big time. It's like she was chasing me and nagging for my attention but the minute I showed interest back, she gave me the cold shoulder and ignored me without any explanation despite that I asked. All that did was make me paranoid and worried that everything was my fault and that I fucked up so bad without knowing it that I didn't deserve an explanation.

    Another time there was a girl I started seeing who was decent in her pictures but in person, I had no physical attraction and I felt like I was dating her just for the sake of dating. I didn't lead her on necessarily but she got more into me and I didn't wanna tell her that I didn't find her physically attractive and I thought if I seemed distant, she'd get the message but she ended up wanting me more

    It seems like the more interested I was in a girl, the less interest she had in me and the less interest I had in a girl, the more she was interested in me which is why I've had a hard time finding the right one.

    • If you try being in a relationship for the sake of it there is a good chance things will end badly. Get to know them before and let yourself be attracted to them before you start a relationship. If don't like them let them go. Don't worry about finding the right girl. Things tend to fall into place without you having to do much really. Just be patient and don't think too hard about it :) good luck :)

    • What I meant was dating someone who was interested in me but I have no interest in. But I agree with you.

    • What I really mean is you shouldn't date someone just to impress others or show that you're capable of having a relationship when you really don't have feelings for the person.

Most Helpful Girl

  • 5. Softening the blow.
    Sit them down, face to face, and tell them you really care about them but are Not ready to be in a Real Relationship either at this time.
    Good luck. xx


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What Guys Said 6

  • -Fake your death
    -Move to Canada
    -Buy a small shack in the mountains
    -Have a child with a local women and call him 'Roberto'.
    -Live of the land with Roberto by your side
    >Problem solved

    • Haha hey Canada is a great place!

  • In some situations breaking up via text is acceptable. If your partner is abusive or you know your partner is going to have a extremely negative reaction to you breaking things off, breaking up via text will save you a lot of drama.

    • Agreed, there are some closeted crazy ladies out there.

    • Some guys can be just as crazy.

    • Abusive relationships are a whole different case :/ I agree you should stay away but with that I would look into a restraining order and making sure that you feel like you are safe when you tell them.

  • You forgot "Have your friend do it for you because you're a coward".

    That one happened to me.

    • Ouch...

    • Yeah I was thinking about adding one actually

  • Especially NOT by WhatsApp..

  • The title gives a totally wrong idea of what this is about, I thought it would be about what to do in a relationship so that you don't end up breaking up

    • If you like I could write another on on that topic :)

  • Just fuck her once or twice and move on. A relationship is overrated and shit, really

    • Some people really are looking for hook ups so why don't those people get together and not hurt the people that want relationships?

    • Becaus that ia how the world works

    • Says the 15 year old.

What Girls Said 2

  • Just tell them you're pregnant... they will break up with you ;)

    • Some guys are actually men and will take responsibility though

  • This was an interesting read because I'm going through this now. My instincts are to just ignore him and all contact but that's clearly not the way to go

    • If he's been told that it's over but continues to persist, then this may become a viable option. But if he's under the impression that things are fine and you suddenly ghost out on him, that will hurt him worse than a breakup. Believe me, I know.

    • That smells of coward.

    • Believe me the reason I put ignoring as my number one is because instead of telling me they wanted out they decided that it would be better to ignore me for weeks and it was when I saw their new girlfriends on facebook I got the message and when I confronted them they STILL ignored me. If he is a nice guy do him a favour and spare him the stress.

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