How to Know When to Break Up


Are you endlessly going back and forth about how to handle the situation? There's this guy, he seems wonderful, you care and love him, but he just doesn't treat you quite right. Here are some tools and tips to help you make a decision.

When to know to Break Up

1. Take a Break!

Anyone can overthink just about anything and when we constantly think about one thing for an entire day, it's hard work on our brains and stress levels. Give yourself a day. Take a bath, eat some lazy good foods, watch TV, and sleep! It's much easier to make a decision when you are more relaxed.

2. Outweigh the Good and Bad

Make a list of all the good and bad things about your partner and decide what you can handle, what's silly to break up over, and what is a serious issue in the relationship. Now, take those serious issues and compare it to the good. Is it worth all the stress to have the goods of your relationship? Or are you going to find yourself in the future constantly circling and stressing? If you are more stressed, sad, or mad in a relationship than happy, you may want to consider a break up.

3. Talk to an Outside Source

Sometimes it is the hardest to come up with a decision when no one tells us that decision. We have all had friends that know they should break up with someone, but it isn't until someone confirms that choice and tells them to break up with their partner, that they break up. If you are hopping loop to loop in your own brain, sit down and talk to a trusted person. Let them speak and just listen. If they tell you to break up and you know that they would always want the best for you, then you should really take that message to heart.

4. Talk to your Partner

Breaking off a relationship never has a requirement of telling your partner why you want to break up. In life, not all answers will be known and sometimes, even when you tell your partner you are considering a break up and the reasons for doing so, they won't ever accept it. However, if you are considering a break up, talk to your partner immediately! Not only will you not feel guilty from walking away from a relationship without giving a reason, but you never know what could happen. You both might just work it out that your relationship becomes stronger in the future!

5. Take a look at Yourself

It's easy to list all the bad things about someone, talk smack to friend about someone, and even point all the bad things to that person, but make sure you look at yourself. Some of those problems listed might be easy to solve if you do something on your part. When you talk to your partner and really want to save your relationship, then don't just expect your partner to do all the work and changing. You need to put work into a relationship to. And if your partner and you are not willing to change or one of you will not work it out, then maybe a break up is really what you need.

Hope this helps anyone with this struggle in their life right now! Are there any tips you would tell someone who just can't decide a break up or not?

How to Know When to Break Up
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  • Trifulnoop
    It is time to DTB the first time she:

    -Picks a fight; for any reason.
    -Disobeys a direct order.
    -Refuses sex; however or whenever it's wanted.
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  • CorruptedDocument
    Finding 9 condoms in a 12 pack box that you haven't used yet.
  • Regular1
    Whenever she asks "Where is this heading?"
  • Anonymous
    i always feel i dont have rights to choose, since I am not some rich kid or grew up in a wealthy family, my happiness means nothing.