I Choose Not To Sink. I Am Getting Over You!

I Choose Not To Sink. I Am Getting Over You!

It feels like your world as come to an end.

Feelings are no longer easy to express.

All you know is that you are at a place you've never been.




These feelings are something that you're going to have to go through.

They are not going to disappear over night.

Trust me,

Things only get better with effort.

I really advise you to.....

A) Reflect: Why you don’t need him.

Instead of thinking about what was great that you both shared.

Think about what bought a wedge between the both of you in the first place.

The reality of it is,

If things were that great you’d both still be together….but you aren’t!

That is a fact!

You are better off without the person you love if they bring you more pain than joy.

What the heart wants is very different from what it needs.

You do not NEED this person.

You can and will survive!

B) Erase all traces of this person.

I Choose Not To Sink. I Am Getting Over You!

If you are on a diet but your refrigerator is full of ice cream, cookies, and cake do you think you will have a harder time eating healthy than If you were rid your refrigerator of everything and start fresh?

What would happen if you cleaned out your refrigerator?

  • You would have a fresh beginning.
  • Positive energy.
  • A better outlook

You can now view things with a optimistic perspective.

If you are trying to get over this person and you still have all of their gifts, photos, social media sites (friended), telephone number (saved), then you are only making things harder for yourself.

You are more likely to cave in (initiate contact) and have your face full with one big mess in the end.

C) Listen to uplifting music.

I Choose Not To Sink. I Am Getting Over You!

Although it feels like you are the only one going through heart break.

There are millions of people that have gone through the very same thing.

There are songs out there you can connect with that will help motivate you to stay strong.

It will serve as a reminder that you CAN and WILL get through this.

D) Occupy your mind.

I Choose Not To Sink. I Am Getting Over You!

No matter what you do, you cannot stop thinking about him!

Everywhere you look….everywhere you go, you are reminded of him.

Don’t worry!

These feelings won’t last forever.

As hard as it may be,

do something you enjoy!

Whether that’s playing video games, going out with friends, treating yourself to your favorite meal, singing, journal writing, playing an instrument etc.

Just do it!

You deserve to smile.

E) Talk to someone.

I Choose Not To Sink. I Am Getting Over You!

If you keep filling a glass with water that is already full, it will over flow.

The same thing happens to your feelings.

If you keep them bottled up….sooner or later you will explode.

That’s not healthy for you….or the person in the mist of that explosion.

If you have someone close to you (in your life), confide in them.

Tell that person your feelings.

They will be able to listen to you and help you better cope with what you are going through.

G) Allow yourself to feel.

I Choose Not To Sink. I Am Getting Over You!

It’s okay to feel hurt.

It’s okay to feel down.

It’s okay to feel disappointed.

These feelings are all a part of it.

But remember they won’t last forever.

Just keep (A) in mind.


Again, Why did things end?

You are better off alone.

H) Give yourself time.

I Choose Not To Sink. I Am Getting Over You!

It took you a while to develop such strong feelings for this individual.

So, it only makes sense that it takes time to get over this person.

How long that is....varies.

While you are giving yourself time (do not date others).

It is important to fix what's broken inside before you can enjoy the WHOLE of any relationship with another.

When you do get over this person,

You will not even recognize yourself.

You will have realized that you came a long way.

You were once that person who was broken down to a pulp.

Now you're standing strong on both feet ....taller....and livelier than ever.

You will find you have a lot to be proud of!

You refused to sink.

You kept yourself afloat.

Continue your fight....you will build up resistance in the end only growing stronger.

I Choose Not To Sink. I Am Getting Over You!

Eventually, there will no longer be a fight.

You will be over that person, and ready to move on.

Although seemingly geared towards women, men can benefit from this take as well.

Below is a song I want to share.

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