We should never be too hurt about a break up

We should never be too hurt about a break up

Hello everyone,

If you are down or hurt about losing a relationship save yourself the anguish of suffering. It is a waste of time and it prolongs our emotional health. While we are suffering it is important to go through all the 7 phases of grief. However to prolong the pain is not allowing the process to be complete and we stay stuck when we stubbornly try to control the situation for our wants.

Our soul needs to grieve and get to the place of acceptace of the situatioin. Never allow yourself to fight for something that is so hard to achieve or only causes questions of someone elses beaviors and or mindset. If you don't know than that is a clear indication that you are not meant to be them. True love is effortless and will never leave you or cause suspious questions of trust or doubt. many of us have had questions of relationship we have had. somethings just did't fill your heart with complete confidence that he/she was right for us.

The problem we have we get a little experiance in knowing someone and feel that life will get better soon with this person. All the while you have some unsure questions and or feel like you are working on a relationship to get somewhere. Or in many occassions you are just blinded by reality. I have been guilty in both of these senerios. All that did was burden my everyday my conscious was haunted and I continued to stay with someone who wasn't right for me and or has hurt me.

If you think about any of your realtionships that had you wondering if :

Once I do this he/she will want me more.* If I say this or change that everything will be better* we are working on a relationship.

A relationship that is right " IS NOT WORK" it is effortless and continously filling your heart with content and deep faith of true love that has the abilty to continously out do itself from what you knew the day before. It is such a beautiful feeling to be loved and know it with all your heart and soul. And your love is known to them. This is what life has to offer you. All of you ! there is no exceptions. you are owed this love.

So if someone is in your life that you are constantly questioning their true purpose for you then this person does not belong in your future. If someone leaves you, let them go with a smile and thank them for your time shared. If you are in a break up waiting to just talk or contact or confused. Well that is your sign that this person does not belong with you.

True love never has you waiting nor questioning your conscious, and never leaves you. Knowing this it is so much easier to move on and take time to figure yourself out. take time to find what makes you tick. Do a pro's and con's list about yourself . write down some beviors that has hurt others or motivations that directed you a certain way. look deep with in to be grateful for youe experiances and focus on what makes you happy. let's be clear here no one person has the abilty to make you happy that comes from your Creator and your Creator along you will need to ask for guidance throught every thought that is not common knowledge throughout your life. no better time to draw closer to that relationship then when in pain. Just never forget to be grateful when you are given that gift of love.

True love is waiting for you, so prepare yourself for it by not hanging on to a hopeless situation. Most importantly do not ever look for love. Love will find you. You could be searching for it while your paths were suppose to cross. So foucus on being happy and content all by yourself. that is the most important advice I have.

Sure a break up sucks but think of it as a blessing. never force a situation or a feeling. Allow acceptane that evrything absolutelty everything happens for a reason and that is all the explination you need to let someone go. As it just simply was not meant to be.

And that there is brand new chapters of your life ready to be experianced with the person you are suppose to be with, allow that to happen as effortlessly as breathing. Nothing is easier then not thinking. So do that because your mind will kill you if you allow it.

Thank you and congratulations on your future love life.


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  • You the man. My inspiration. If only it was that easy!!!


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  • Nice!!! This is how it should be of course haha. But sadly love isn't without its gray area.

    And that gray area... where we FIGHT for love or FIGHT ourselves to not give up on our love. Is why those 7 stages take a tremendous amount of time to get over or work through, mate. Haha love is so BAD, huh :).


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