The marriage licence scam exposed!

This is good news for men. For years I've come across men who would like to get married but are too afraid to because of the corrupt divorce laws that often financially crucify husbands and fathers. But here is the good news: the marriage licence is a scam, and it's the marriage licence that allows the government to have authority over your marriage. Keep reading:

Once upon a time, before paper or papyrus existed, couples would get married by saying their vows before God in front of witnesses. No licence was needed. Eventually when human beings found material to write on, a married couple would receive a marriage certificate. Then over time the government got involved and created what's called a marriage licence. How ludicrous! Since when did you ever need a licence to get married? For thousands of years couples never needed a licence to get married. So what is the purpose of the marriage licence? Keep reading:

A marriage licence application is a request to big brother government for permission to marry. Once you have a marriage licence, the Corporate State now has authority over your marriage. This means that if a spouse files for a divorce, which is usually the woman, then big brother government and the family courts have total control over the outcome. They decide who gets what, money, possessions, the children etc. The reason they can do this is because a marriage licence gives them the authority to do so. But without a marriage licence, they have no legal power over you whatsoever.

All you have to do is say your vovs before God in front of witnesses, like people did for thousands of years. Now, if you don't believe in God, then I don't really know what advice to give you. ou can't say your marriage vows before God if you don't even believe in Him. That makes no sense. If you don't believe in God then maybe marriage is a bad idea, because the only other way to get married would be through the marriage licence, and the marriage licence is what screws you up. So I haven't got a solution for atheists unfortunately. However, if you do believe in God then understand that God does not require a licence to get married. Your marriage vows are enough.

The most difficult part will be persuading a woman to accept this. Some years ago when I posted this information in a forum, the women were dead against it. They became very defensive. That's because women know that in most cases, big brother government and the family courts will take their side in a divorce. But this is actually a good test. If the woman truly loves her fiance, then she shouldn't care about a marriage licence or his possessions. So if a woman insists on having a marriage licence, this should be a big red flag.

Good luck to all!The marriage licence scam exposed!


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  • Lol
    So basically move in together and live. If I can't prove I'm married in a court, then I wonget the tex reduction. Boooo this marriage sucks!

    • Won't get the tax*

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    • Please refrain from accusations. You don't know me and seriously this just makes you seem like a bitter loser.
      You don't need to get married. But please stop trying to persuade people that simply saying some archaic wedding vows is the same as getting legally married. Marriage is a contract. It needs to be legally binding otherwise there is no sense in getting married. A lot of people never get married, you could be part of that statistic.

    • Not true. For centuries people did not need a licence. All that was needed was to say your vows before God in front of witnesses. Like I said, if you don't believe in God then I don't know how to get around the marriage licence. But if you do believe in God then no licence is needed. It's only greedy women that insist on having a marriage licence so that they can financially screw their ex husband over when they get a divorce.

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  • I am guessing you read something about MGTOW or Men Going Their Own Way. They actually bring up some good points. I don't think it matters if a woman wants to accept it. If you don't want to be married, then she has no choice but to either accept it, or be replaced with another girl.

    Women hold the power of sex, but men hold the power of relationships. As soon as the man gets married he gives up that power, and then the woman holds all the power for herself. She can even take everything we worked our entire lives to build if we marry them. The secret is to only reward women with a relationship so long as they are putting work into the relationship. That means denying them marriage and maintaining the power to end the relationship if she starts mistreating us.

    I have always been the kind of guy that wanted to get married, but currently being married isn't an equal relationship under current laws. It just isn't worth the risk. Instead I think serial monogamy where the two live apart is a more realistic option.

    • Yer but that's what the government and the powers that be want. When they see men getting angry at women and avoiding marriage, they sit back and laugh. That was the whole idea. Divide men and women. There has to be a way around it, and I believe the way around it is to have faith in God and get married without a marriage licence.

    • The laws in a lot of places can screw the guy as bad if they are living together and not married as if the were married.

    • I think there's also a way around that too. I think you can act as a free man. If you go by the name of our birth certificate, they have authority over you, because the name on your birth certificate is owned by the government. But if you act as a free human being instead of your birth name, then they can't really do anything.

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  • Rightly said! Way to go! :)

  • But then are you actually married?


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