Breakup Songs From Her To Him


Having a bad time with your guy? This is some girl power for you.

1. Can't Pin Me Down - Marina and The Diamonds

Marina marina marina MARINA, queen Marina, her feminist anthem cheer us up. You can't play with a girl, you simply don't mess with Marina.

2. Don't Bother - Shakira

Shakira is a wild sexy cat and doesn't give a damn about this asshole leaving her for Miss Perfect ;)

3. I Hate Boys - Christina Aguilera

The perfect Xtina has been there and wrote a song to express her hate D: don't take it too hard, guys, she doesn't mean "hate" like "hate", does she? ;) you gotta understand, she's just tired like thousand of girls out there :(

4. U + Ur Hand - Pink

My pink spirit animal is also tired and that guy is not getting shit from her, he better uses that hand tonight :D

5. Rid of Me - Juliette Lewis

Lewis' orgasmic voice wants to say a thing or two, you're not getting rid of her... Why would anyone want to get rid of Lewis, tho?
After listening to Pj Harvey's song, the dude surely wished to have never met her.

6. I Bet On You - Lissie

Lissie and many of us believed in him too much, sad to hear he had different plans :( but he needs to hear her words before he leaves.

7. Dickhead - Kate Nash

We all wanna know why he's such a dickhead for, Kate, such a shame we'll never know :(

8. Single - Natasha Bedingfield

NATASHA KILLS IT, PREACH IT, GIRL! She needs no man, she's happy and she's enjoying herself. She's single and that's how she wants to be.

9. Blue - Marina and The Diamonds

Marina describes a super complicated relationship that fits so many people, it's so painful you only want to cry, eat ice cream and get fat.
We're selfish but we don't wanna feel blue, we want love, we want dreams and a good self esteem. We want anything but blue :/

10. Army of Me - Christina Aguilera

Xtina won't let guys bring her down, she's armed of herself and that's more than enough to protect her from heartbreak. She's wiser, stronger and a fighter, no way to win a battle against Xtina.

11. Free - Mya

Free! Single, sexy and sweet, making her own money and looking for the right party. No need to stress, says Mya, life was meant to enjoy it :)

12. Comeback - Ella Eyre

BUT GIRL! Don't worry! ... Because they always come back ;)
And if he doesn't... Let that motherfucker burn :*

@SweetHomicidalQueen @archiz hope you like it, girls XD

And guys, no, I'm not bitter, I'm not mad, well, maybe just a little, just a tad.

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Breakup Songs From Her To Him
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  • archiz
    yup I liked them ^^
    4 and 8 are like some of my fav tunes :)
    Is this still revelant?

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