The Beauty Of Forgiveness


There are unseen ropes that connect us to every activity in life. Some of the events are very terrible to look back at, while some brings us joy each time we remember them. But these connections ensure that we get rewards attached to those events before such connections could be severed. These have led to various warnings and admonitions “owe no man anything but love”. So with all these bonds and connections, one thing now comes in which is “FORGIVENESS”. When we forgive we are actually doing ourselves more good than the person we have forgiven. Remember the popular saying:

To forgive is to set a prisoner free and discover that the prisoner was you. Lewis B. Smedes

Forgiveness is only appropriate when an offense has been committed and the offense has caused damage. When an offense has been committed against you, it is critical to recognize and admit the reality of the offense. Overcoming denial may be difficult, but it is important. Forgiveness does not ignore the reality of an offense but, in fact, validates that the offense did indeed occur.

Whether you need to forgive others or need to forgive yourself. The beauty is that forgiveness sets us free.

Believe me or not there are certain forms of physical and emotional illness associated with un-forgiveness.

When a part of you is chained, it affects your progress in life. If you want success, then practice forgiveness.

It has been discovered that people who carry a lot of resentments, hatred and bitterness suffer from psychosomatic illnesses and disorders. Psychosomatic illnesses come from both mind and emotional stressors that take their toll and manifestations on the physical body. Such illnesses are manifested through mental and emotional breakdown, cardiac problems resulting to heart disease and elevated blood pressure resulting to strokes and a lot more.

Learn to forgive yourself; if you deserve forgiveness, others deserve it too. If you have been hurt by someone, something, event, forgiveness is the start of the healing process.

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  • Really like it.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Uh, yeah. No.

    If a person fucks me over and they are a genuinely bad person, you'd best believe they are gonna get fucked up right back.

    It may take a day. Or a week, or years. But you best believe that person WILL get what is coming to them from me someday.

    I don't let assholes off the hook. Too many people DO in this day and age, and it's one of the reasons assholes just keep doing what they're doing, it's soft hearted people keep showing them that they can actually keep getting AWAY with it.

    My motto is this. If the guy is an asshole and they INTENTIONALLY fucked you over, fuck them up right back. If a person fucked you over and it was a mistake, forgive them.


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  • Great take - Very wise words unfortunately I am a very unforgiving person - If a person crosses me and if it is bad enough I will cut them out of my life - I suppose in a way that is as bad as being bitter but it is the way I usually deal with negative things, I get rid of them and hopefully the negativity associated with them.

  • in my experience: forgiveness goes to those undeserving, not to those who've actually worked for it.


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