13 Simple Tips That Will Help You Close Your Relationship Chapter for Good

Small simple tips to help you turn the page for Good!

I'm not a professional, I'm not very experienced, the only relationship I had was purely online and lasted only 8 months but my feelings were real and genuine.

These things helped me move on and turn the page, so maybe they can help other novices in relationships too.

1. Accept the fact that if you and your ex broke up, there must be a valid reason.

After the breakup, you may realize that there are many things you wouldn't have been OK with if you weren't blinded by love and infatuation. Maybe you fell in love with their personality but their personality isn't compatible with yours?

Remember when you used to say you would never date a person who does certain things for example? You may turn a blind eye to all these things you thought were instant deal breakers when you fall in love , but maybe these things are still annoying you deep down without you realizing it, thus making the relationship harder to survive.

2. Do not engage in a new a relationship straight away!

This is unfair to the new guy/girl but also unfair to yourself.

You have to clear your mind and clean your heart first. This is crucial if you don't want a rebound and if you genuinely want to build a strong relationship with someone new.
Then you can start hunting for love again ;) !

3. Accept that what you want is not always what you need.

4. Talk to other guys/ girls.

It might seem contradictory with the point number 2. But I'm not saying date a new guy/girl, just talk to them and get to know them. It will make you realize that your ex wasn't as special as you though he was, because many other guys/girls can be as attractive, and interesting if not more.

Trust the saying "there are plenty of fish in the sea".

"Sweetheart, you're amazing, you're perfect for me, I will never find someone like you, we're meant to be, I love you! :'( "

Bleeeh! Oh come oooon! You can find someone BETTER than them. Wake up! They're an ex for a reason!

5. Spend time with your family and friends

You can start by venting out, but after that, have a good laugh and talk about things other than relationships.

6. Watch funny shows/movies.

Even better if you're with friends/family!

7. Why would you want to be with someone who isn't willing to "burn the world for you"?

Thanks for the quote Berty @BertMacklinFBI

If your ex didn't put enough effort in the relationship, if he ignored you often, didn't invest time on you, it simply means he wasn't very in love. He might like you, but he's not loving you with his body and soul. Instead he's probably just infatuated with his eyes and D***.

He can easily get bored with you and move on once he finds someone else they're equally or more attracted to, you're just a PLAN B.

If he/she left or ignored you in a heartbeat, don't expect them to stick around when the real problems kick in.

8. Trust your instincts

If you feel that something is going wrong, trust your instincts. Ask questions and talk with your boyfriend. If he is always busy and isn't willing to put efforts into explaining why he's been acting strange and If he apologizes instantly just to avoid the talk, it means he doesn't want you/ like you enough to even take the time to explain to you why he's been acting strange. He's not willing to fix things and make it work.


9. Stop being blinded by love and open your eyes/heart

During the time you spent being madly in love with your ex, you might have missed-out on many opportunities, guys/girls who were more willing to listen to you and talk to you than your ex did, people who possibly love you much more than he did.

If you found more comfort/relief with other people, especially from the opposite gender (or the same gender if you're not straight), then they're not the one for you.

10. Stop talking to them!

Cut them out completely, erase them from your life. It might be hard at first because you used to text/talk daily. But once you make it to the 2 weeks mark you will already find out that it's doable and you started forgetting about them.

11. Cry :'-(

Crying can do wonders when it comes to moving on, it cleans your heart from all the rage and sorrow that the break up caused. But don't go overboard! It's okay and it's good to cry the first few days. But after one week you should STOP (a week is already too much in my opinion).
I don't think you would need more than a week anyways. A few days are enough to detox the heart if you cry your tears out.


I'm glad I'm not like this, but many of my friends are. Once they break up they let themselves go , start eating junk food, they stay in bed crying looking like a mess...
NO, JUST NO! Don't allow an ex to make you miserable. Look good, workout, eat healthy, have fun!

13. Chances are he/she doesn't even care, so WHY WOULD YOU?

By crying over what happened you're only postponing things, because YOU WILL MOVE ON.
I'm not saying that you shouldn't cry at all (point 11), but after the few first days you already let your feelings out.

So now, stop losing your tears over an EX!

Stop delaying things! And move on already. Look go, go out, and HAVE FUN =))

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  • So my boyfriend been giving me silent treatment. I asked him what's wrong he told me he didn't want to talk. A few hours pass and he text me saying he feels like we should no longer be together because he feels he can't sexually satisfy and also because I worry about what others think. Then he text me hours later saying he misses me and that he's sorry. I told him why didn't he call and break up with me over the phone. He told me because he couldn't bare listening to my voice while breaking my heart. I think he broke up with me because he didn't want a committed relationship He said maybe. I told him the fact he couldn't talk to me on the phone or in person showns me he's not being man enough. I told of him I cried over him one to many and that he doesn't deserve me. He told me I'm right I am to nice.


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  • More than 10 steps for the whole healing process? Well that's going to take quite some time. I think those that are uncertain about relationships may want to take a look at your take first before deciding whenever that "time" comes, since it randomly happens, and more often than not happens.

    Well, at least I don't have to go through that whole process since I was never in any relationships. But some of them could still help and apply when coping with loss of something or someone else that is important other than just a "significant other". Losing something else such as a job, or maybe a car, or the worse of the worse, a home.

  • good take

  • Nominate this as best my_take. Seriously well written with good content, wish there was more prepositions like him/her rather than just him but other than that it was great and helped me. I need to favorite this thing.

  • Interesting, my routine is simpler, train, nap, smoke, fight.

  • Number 3 says it all. It has to be the hardest thing for one to do, especially fresh from a relationship.

  • I read "good" in the title as "God" and I thought this was gonna be a VERY different take lol

  • hmm not saying what first went through my head :D

    • What? Hahhaha 😜

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    • but I know from personal experience that it can be quite difficult to follow your own advice haha

    • True! Its so weird because im usually the love adviser in my group haha but I couldn't apply it on myself or take the advice from my friends.
      But yeah of course it's an experience and I will learn from my mistakes haha!

  • So finally you have moved on?

  • This is your last mytake on gag? Your leaving? :(


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  • thank you :) good reminder!

  • I'm glad you got over him now!! Good MyTake 😊

  • While I agree with the advice given, I know, from personal experience, that it's easier said than done. I admire people who are strong enough to move on in less than one month. I found it very difficult for me to move on after 19 years of marriage, divorce, and one kid in common, but I did it. However, it took me a long time and I know that marriage is not for me. As to dating, now that my son is 21, I have gone out but my life has taken a different turn in the sense of not getting hurt. So my advice is to surround yourself with people who make you laugh, who you feel comfortable, and the faster you accept pain, anger, sadness, the faster you will heal. If anybody finds that person that loves you more than you love yourself, you are LUCKY! But until then, keep your heart to yourself, smile all the time, appreciate who you are, and trust NOBODY with your soul/heart/feelings otherwise you will hurt again and life is not about suffering, life is about living happily and living peacefully.

  • Good take. Thank you.

  • This is really good! Thank you :)

  • Great mytake. Lol and for someone who hasn't had that much experience with relationships you sure know a lot.