Why My Bisexuality Didn't Ruin My Relationship

Why My Bisexuality Didn't Ruin My Relationship

I was in a relationship with a woman who's sixteen years older than me.

She never knew I'm sixty percent straight and forty percent gay.

She was so experienced in sex and was very attractive for her age so... That's what kept me.

I never thought the age gap would be a problem, but then later on I figured that it really was a big issue. So here's why...

I didn't want to stepfather her kids...

Her daughters were both teenagers and her only son was four years old. She had full custody of all three of them.

How is a man in his twenties suppose to be a stepfather to teenage girls? They wouldn't take you so seriously. Sometimes they flirted with me without even realizing it which is weird... It felt too awkward to know that my younger brother is not that much older than them.

She expected me to take care of her four year old son. But I didn't like taking care of a rowdy child that wasn't related to me. I probably could've been an evil stepfather figure if it wasn't for the anger management I've mastered.

Why My Bisexuality Didn't Ruin My Relationship

If you're with a woman who has kids, her baby daddies might show up and disrespect you. This one time, I so close to having a fight with one of her baby daddies.

She didn't want another baby...

She had three kids. She didn't want a fourth one because she thinks she's too old to have a fourth child. I kept trying to let go of the wish of wanting child but it was too hard. I couldn't keep staying with someone who doesn't want a child. Plus, her biological clock of reproduction is ticking and is about to end soon!

She mothered me...

She was more of a mother to me and I was more like a child to her. She kept treating me like I didn't know any better just because I'm more than a decade younger than her. I felt disrespected by that sometimes. I'm an adult now, give me some respect!

Why My Bisexuality Didn't Ruin My Relationship

She will be old sooner...

When I'm forty, she'll be fifty... She will lose her beauty while I maintain some of mine. She'll be a senior citizen when I'm fifty! When I'm fifty, my shallow eyes would rather look at a forty year old than a sixty year old...

No one I knew approved of that relationship...

My dad didn't like it. My stepmom and my younger brother kept teasing me for it. My friends warned me about the age gap... Whenever my ex and I were out in public, people stared at us wondering why a young man like me is dating a much older woman. I didn't like all their attention and the negativity I received for dating this woman...

What happened?

The lovely woman at work flirted with me and supported me like everytime I talked with her. So I ended up cheating on my former partner with that woman at work. Now that's what made me end the relationship because I couldn't continue to keep it a secret and deal with the guilt every single time I spoke to my former partner. She still doesn't know I cheated!

But... Please don't blame my bisexuality for my cheating. This wasn't meant to reinforce the stereotype about how bisexuals are more unfaithful because their sex drives are so high and uncontrollable. I cheated because I was too stupid to realize earlier how the age gap wasn't right and that I should've left her a long long time ago. Age gaps are no good and are more likely to end in divorce.

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Why My Bisexuality Didn't Ruin My Relationship
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  • sixnineanon
    Morals of the story:

    age gaps are not good and listen to people when they WARN you.

    Oh yeah, bisexuality is never an excuse for cheating.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Smmyskittles
    This was a little hard to follow.

    Until the very end, I had no idea how any of it connected.

    Good MyTake though :]
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    • Haha thanks! My mind was all over the place when I wrote this.

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  • Rissyanne
    I could have told you that big age gaps dont work. I have a friend who got married when he in his mid 20s. She was in her late 40s. Now he is 53 years old and she is 70. He hasn't had sex in years. Now he is stuck with an old woman. She has dimension and he has to take care of her. I know that sounds harsh... but I rather grow old with someone. My boyfriend is only 2 years older than me.. that is the way I like it.
  • Jayson101
    Wow you actually have percentages on it? You're a funny guy