4 Ways to Get Over Your First Love and Move On

4 Ways to Get Over Your First Love and Move On

So I know you may be thinking this is impossible. And trust me, I know why you're thinking this. My first love made it almost impossible for me to get over him as well. It was horrible. I thought about him every day and every night. I cried for days thinking about him and how I thought I was never going to truly love anyone else again. BUT THEN, I decided that it was time. It was time for me to let my heart heal. And while these next few things I am going to talk about may not work for everyone, they have worked for me.

So while I am STILL not completely over my ex boyfriend, I feel better and I have moved on. I don't cry anymore. So before I keep talking and going on and on, here's how I moved on.

1) Get a job

Being stuck at home isn't fun. It allows you the time to think about your ex love and be depressed about it. When you're at home all the time, you have more ways of being reminded of them. Of course, this makes you miss them and makes you remember all of the good times you had together. Whether it's a song you hear on TV, or a scene from a movie you watched together, there will always be something that will remind you of them.

You need to keep yourself busy and stay away from all of the things that will keep this person fresh in your mind. Getting a job helped me so much! I am happier now and, I am even making money! What's better than that? I'm meeting and interacting with so many new people and really learning that there are OTHER PEOPLE OUT THERE! and that's leads me into number two.

4 Ways to Get Over Your First Love and Move On

2) Meet new people!

While at work, I meet so many new people! I am constantly surrounded by new faces and I have a job at hand! I don't have time to be sad and depressed and think about my ex anymore. Every now and then I still think about him, but I don't hurt anymore. I have learned to accept the fact that things just weren't working out and that it is better this way. If you aren't interested in any of your coworkers, you never know when some cutie might come into work and you'll really hit it off with them!

And if you don't have a job and aren't planning on getting one anytime soon, that's fine, too! Go hang out with your friends. Go to a club if you're old enough, or just go out and have a good time with them at a movie or dinner or something else exciting. This will take your mind off of your ex as well. There are so many new faces you haven't seen, I promise. You need to laugh and have fun and get out of the house.

4 Ways to Get Over Your First Love and Move On

3) Cut communications and delete pictures

This is a big one! If you're a believer that exes can be friends, than that's perfectly fine. If you think you will be able to move on from your ex while still communicating with them, so be it. But for most people, staying in touch and having that constant reminder makes it harder. Keeping the pictures is like keeping all of the icing on top of a cake. It tastes so good but it's actually really bad for you.

In order to successfully move on, delete those pictures! If you don't want to permanently delete them, send them to yourself in an email, and save them in a file! If you still want to be friends with them, tell them that the breakup is hard on you and you hope you can be friends when it hurts a little less.

4 Ways to Get Over Your First Love and Move On

4) You must stay strong

Don't try to keep in touch with them, and don't look at their Facebook pictures or their Instagram profile! Because some people move on quickly. If they have a new lover, you're only hurting yourself more. You need to stay clear of everything that will remind you of them. You need to allow your heart to heal. Believe me, it will take time! DO NOT EXPECT TO MOVE ON WITHIN A WEEK OR EVEN A MONTH, because it may take longer than that! Dont set your standards too high because you might be upset with the results.

4 Ways to Get Over Your First Love and Move On

Remind yourself that you are an amazing person and someone new will come into your life when you least expect it. Someone who will hopefully fall in love with you and realize your imperfections and still remain by your side through it all. Because believe me, it will happen! And when it does, you will forget all about your last ex lover like they never even mattered to you. And you'll finally be happy and be able to smile everyday ☺️

4 Ways to Get Over Your First Love and Move On

There is a reason why it didn't work out! When you allow your heart to heal, you'll open it to someone else who will treat you better! And you'll be glad it didn't work out them your first love!

4 Ways to Get Over Your First Love and Move On
4 Ways to Get Over Your First Love and Move On
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Most Helpful Guy

  • JudgmentDay
    NUMBER 3 is an ABSOLUTE MUST if you truly want to let go and move on as it helps you forget about them altogether. It happened, it's all in the past now, you can't change what has happened, there are no time machines you can use to go back and warn yourself or tell yourself you should have done this or should done that, or tell yourself in the past not to do this or do that in the relationship that had already ended. If possible move to another location such as a new town, city, a total new and different environment and you'll start completely fresh all over again.

    And from what I've read below, if you have kids with someone, then it's that much harder to move on, almost impossible.

    So the lesson I think from that is have children at your own risk in a relationship because when and if it goes really bad, it's that much harder to end the relationship and start completely over from scratch.

    So ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS use enough protection and contraceptives to prevent any unplanned for and unwanted pregnancies.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Karaas2
    I dated some guys and had some relationships before. And it was very easy to get over them. Maybe it's because i never considered them as a true love.
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  • mrsingle
    I don't have an ex but I never got over a crush. I see her sometimes and it's unavoidable so keeping busy doesn't help. I've met new people but no girlfriend, so I still think about her. Deleting photos, haven't done that, my fault, I like to jerk off looking at her... sucks being single
  • scooogy
    Due to what my parents told me, my goal was to marry my first love (even before I had one) but what they didn't tell me was that it can take years to find the "right one" like they called it. But after quite a few crushes which I had, I started to believe that even if I had a girlfriend some day, I could lose her after a while. Today I don't even want to marry anymore, since I think it can worsen the heartbreak if something leads to divorce.
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Great tips - I am a big believer in 3, cut contact and move on unless you are absolutely sure there is no residual feelings on either side.
    • Same here. That's what I believe and agree with also. By holding onto pictures, belongings like gifts or various objects and possessions that is relevant to the person someone had broken up with would mean that they really are fully over them and not willing to let them go. I still believe that there is no point in holding on to ANYONE at all because you can lose them unexpectedly at ANY time, and it's best to always be ready to let them go.

      Why hold onto someone when you must let them go anyway? No one is entitled to having anyone in a relationship forever, it comes and goes just like friends, jobs, etc. Nothing is guaranteed to remain always the same and never change; conditions change and so do people.

      Just have good times for the moment for as long as possible since you never know for certain when the two of you can't be together at all anymore.

    • *would meant that they really aren't fully over them yet* and not willing to let them go.

  • Chico_brah
    Good stuff. When my girl and I split after 3 years I just forced my self into overachieving mindset. I was training at the gym more, I was working harder in school, I was working more, I was really just focusing on being a better person. I did this all despite feeling like shit for months after the breakup, but eventually that success trumped those negative feelings. Almost like a sense of self accomplishment which in return gives you confidence. I think if you take something negative and yield something positive from it, you are pretty good at life.
  • DancingGirl
    To stay strong keep support of friends and family close :)
  • Fathoms77
    Good tips! :)
  • Nerdvana
    Great take. Enjoyed reading it.
  • Adigelunar
    hGood post
  • Derpdeder
    Your shirt says "hopeless creamer"
  • Anonymous
    Lol like finding a job is the easiest way in the world. There are like 200 persons requesting a 400 euros per month workplace, so 95% of the time you will be searching for a job, not to much time left to think about love or really anything else.
  • Anonymous
    Easier said than done, but I'll try, thanks for the tips.
  • Anonymous
    Quickest way: Fuck a bunch of people.
    • Doesn't seem to work with my friend. All it does is make her miss her ex more :(

  • Anonymous
    Had sex at 13 or 14 i forget didn't known what i was really doing to begin with. But i had my first love at 22 years old n its been 2 years but guest what? still not 100% moved on. Truest me not everything is the same for everyone... some people will just not get over their first love and not everyone first love is in high school. wait don't you get me wrong your 100% right in almost everything you just said. what do i mean by this? while doing all of these steps didn't help me move on 100%.. and did help 98% of the pain go away and give me peace of mind. Now i just think of my ex every once in a blue moon even through am dating such a amazing new girl. I think if not for some of these steps i would have killed myself 2 years ago.. i mean forced break up and my sister almost died from cancer, so yea tough as break up.
  • Anonymous
    doesn't work like that each situation is different
    right now you are thinking like that cause you are 18
    you are still a child
    • Paulina528

      It works exactly like this... usually people have their first real love in their teen years..

    • Anonymous

      okay example lets say i get you pregnant
      and we have a child
      then we break up

      who keeps the kid?

    • Paulina528

      You both have custody of the child. Whoever keeps the child is up to the judge, and whoever the more fit parent is. What does that have to do with getting over your first love and moving on though?

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