5 Things You Can Learn From a Breakup


1. Some things don’t have a promising future

5 Things You Can Learn From a Breakup

Some relationships and friendships don’t end happily. You can understand that at the beginning, and you understand that you have some people in your life just to have an experience.

2. You understand that you can’t change someone

5 Things You Can Learn From a Breakup

It can take time to learn because it’s a difficult lesson. You can never change a person. You have chosen that person by his/her everything. Some character doesn’t change. That’s why you must accept them with their good and bad sides. And if you don’t, then it’s pointless to keep on.

3. You learn that one–sided effort doesn’t save your relationship

5 Things You Can Learn From a Breakup

If they want to be with you, they should make an effort to do so.

4. You will learn to face with bad end ups

5 Things You Can Learn From a Breakup

You have good memories, you believe that you had your love of your life, you thought that it would never end but it did. So, you learn how to face with bad breakups. Not every relationship results in marriage.

5. You understand the meaning of “sometimes love is not enough”

5 Things You Can Learn From a Breakup

You learn that sometimes love is not enough. You have probably heard it before many times but didn’t get its real meaning. Now you do. And it hits you like a ton of bricks.

5 Things You Can Learn From a Breakup
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  • Deadpool76992
    I fucking love the fact that you used Ash right next to "Some relationships and friendships don’t end happily."

    It also kind of works as a "It could be worse... she could get possessed and try to kill you, forcing you to have to decapitate her" XD haha
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  • Adigelunar
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  • AbyRose39
    Every one knew around me that I was with the wrong guy.
    Even my son.
    I am so trusting.
    I just did not see it until my... x boyfriend's daughter was being too nasty.
    I had to step back from her disrespectfulness.
    Then everyone started telling me the cheating things he was doing.
    So sneaky.
    I feel stunned.
    I definitely deserve better, but I feel so hurt.
  • JudgmentDay
    What can I say? 👏 👏 Bravo! This take deserve a double round of applause from me. Some of these I had already expected and recognized.
  • louiseisaturtle
    Great take! I learned a lot from it. I've never been through a breakup. At least it makes me aware of those things and wanna thank you for that x
  • GoldCobra
    All good points. I kinda figured 2 out myself without dating though.
  • bruce3
    good ones
  • Saoirse_Nua
    Very good points and bear repeating often.