5 ways to deal with a breakup


Break ups are hard. I went through one myself at a young age and cried for days. But there are ways to mentally prepare yourself for a break up before and after.

One way is the classic mope around and eat ice cream. Now this works for some people. This way is what I like to call the mopey sad one. Using this way may take longer for your heart to heal.

Way 2 is to get out and spend time with friends! This way your mind is off of the jerk and with people who love and support you. Hang out anywhere and just have a good time!

The third way is spa day. Some times all you need is a nice relaxing bath with a nice meditation session. This way it calms you and just lets you relax.

Way 4 is the anger outage. Get a pillow or dart board and beat the crap out of your ex. This may make things harder in person but helps get the anger out.

Way 5 is knowing when it's coming. You may feel like a break up is near or just get super worried about it. Here are some ways to know.

  • They seem to be avoiding eye contact. This may be because they feel bad about not loving you.
  • They don't spend as much time with you. They may want to slowly ease away from you.
  • They seem to be avoiding you in general. Walking through a hall they may be staying on the opposite side instead of easily crossing over to be with you.
  • And finally they seem to be blowing every chance at a date. It's not you it's them. See above ways to cope with this!

Have a good day! (my advice is based on experience and is not always accurate!)

5 ways to deal with a breakup
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