10 Golden Rules to Get Over a Painful Breakup

1. Don't talk about your ex

10 Golden Rules to Get Over a Painful Breakup

You have talked about how it ended at first with your friends but it is over now. Don't tell anything about your ex anymore.

2. Don't call

Whatever happens. You may madly miss but if you call your ex, you will go back to the beginning.

3. Don't reply

Sometimes it can be the other side who calls you to check how you are but don't reply.

4. Don't go

Don't go to the places that your ex hangs out or you used to go when you were together not to remember memories.

5. Ignore

Ignore when you come across with your ex. Or just say "hi", nothing more.

6. Don't ask

Don't ask your friends about him. Especially to your mutual friends as they may tell your ex.

7. Don't be hopeful

Don't think about coming together again. Or else it will be almost impossible for you to forget.

8. Don't look

Don't look at the things that your ex gave you. If you can, just get rid of them.

9. Don't lock yourself in the house

10. Don't find a new person

Don't find a new person to make you forget about your ex. It will be bad for both of you.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Shit happens when you trust wrong people. And hence breakups happen. Once you have removed this unwanted person from your life , you need to break away from all that he meant to you. Nothing kills you more than your old thoughts about them. Don't hold on to your memories. Know that strong people feel more pain , and hence they need to change the way they feel by making a great turnaround for the better. Control your emotions and try to be happy. One of the best feelings in life is realizing that you can be perfectly happy without the things that you once thought , you needed the most. And when that need is no longer there , you need to plan for better things. Better things are coming. Keep your head up and march forward. Do your best to find good things from every bad situation. Learn your lessons and move forward. You will really get to love someone better. Believe that good things will happen and they will.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Talking about him will make you never forget... good points.


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