10 Ways To Get Over A Break Up

The break up is hard enough to deal with, and it is really difficult to get over it. The break ups are very much unexpected, where one party is just notifies another person that this is all over now, he or she has had enough, and they want out.

There are a 10 ways to get over that break up:

1. Get yourself up and stay strong.

Don’t throw yourself a pity party, where you are the only one invited. Do not listen to your heart, listen to your head! Embrace the fact that, this person is not coming back, and you do not need the closure. (common excuse people make to stay in touch with their former mates!) Endure your situation, and your state of mind!
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2. Keep yourself extremely busy.

Try to do those things you’ve always wanted to do, or have not been able to do before, because you were not single. Find yourself hobbies that are taking your mind of your break up. Try to leave the house more often, so nothing in there reminds you of the person you dated. Put all the pictures of you and your ex away, so it doesn’t open your fresh wounds, and make you feel said and miserable.

3. Try to spent a lot of time with your family and friends.

They are really there for you and have your best interest at heart!

4. When you talk to your family and friends, try not to reminisce about “good all times” you’ve had with your ex mate.

This is not the time now my friend! Make plans with your single friends to go out in the evening to those” meet market” places, so you feel more comfortable to get back in to dating again.

5. Avoid going out too much with your married friends.

They will always remind you what you could’ve had, and the happy moments you’ve shared going out together. Ask your married friends for a psychological support, outside of the ‘dating” places.

6. Try not to analyze and dwell about your broken relationship.

That is only makes the matters worse, and make you feel angry and aggravated. It is good to let it out every now and then, but don’t to make it in to an everyday drama!

7. Do not get to tempted to call your ex.

Even when you feel lonely late at night; it won’t work! You will end up feeling more miserable and wretched. You will either be rejected again, or will hear the dreadful things you do not want to accept!

8. Don’t accept any propositions from your ex to get together for a mutual physical satisfaction.

It will only appear right for a moment, however in the morning or later on that day you will feel emotionally burdened. Don’t think of spending some time together as convenience, while you are recuperating from the break up. It will only prevent you from getting over this person, and meeting someone new!
"Put all the pictures of you and your ex away, so it doesn’t open your fresh wounds!"

9. Eliminate phone calls from your ex.

And do not initiate any contact yourself. It will prolong your emotional recovery as well! If you do get a phone call or you see him/her somewhere in a public place, try to shorten and minimize your conversation, so you do not get in to draining and uncomfortable situation. Keep your integrity!

10. Do not attempt to change the person’s mind about the break up.

Don’t humiliate yourself by throwing yourself at him/her. Don’t call and hung up on your ex; don’t follow them around to see if they are with someone new. Don’t promise your ex that you will change, because you won’t! Later you will feel embarrassed, and force your ex to think that you’re insane.

If you follow these ways of surviving the break up, you have a chance to move on quicker and less painful!
10 Ways To Get Over A Break Up
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  • bonedeathcrew

    hm wow you pretty much knew everything I was doing and all those things I do are apparently the wrong things

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  • meesh1220

    Very helpful advice! Thank you for posting! Keepin it near as a reminder what NOT to do!

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  • ryanryan90

    I agreeee. I especially agree with the not calling late at night wen you feel lonley

  • whattheef

    AMEN! and for any of you who don't believe this...you'll learn! Love hurts but ull be fine!

  • lAcadial

    easy, drive by her pad, flip the b**ch off, and take off LOL

  • TheCat007

    Thanks! This is very good advice.

  • pinklips

    Wow awesome advice:)