5 Things You Shouldn't Say to a Girl Who Just Broke Up

1. "Forget him, there are lots of guys around you"

Of course there are but her eyes won't see them.

2. "You did the right thing, he was even trying to flirt with me"

Why didn't you say so before?

3. "He wasn't handsome, anyway"

Do you think she cares about that?

4. "I warned you before"

So what?

5. "I'm sure he was cheating on you."

You're just rubbing salt into her wound.


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  • Never say--"I knew right from the start that he was going to dump you."


What Girls Said 2

  • You should just say: "You deserve so much better." Give her a hug. Hang out with her and do something fun to cheer her up:) You are SO right; saying all that stuff is just mean:0

  • OMG YES... literally the one used the most
    - He wasn't handsome anyway and im like... seriosly so if he wasn't handsome and i still didn't get the guy what does that make me... yeah, sorry going through emotional time lol