The Stages of a Broken Heart

We all had a broken heart maybe once or twice or five times. Who knows but you will sure recognize these stages.

Stage 1: Crying

You don't even know what is going on. You just cry and scream and you act pathetic. You skip showers and lay in bed for days. You get irritable and you push everyone away. You cry in bed, in the shower, in the car. You blame them you blame yourself, you blame the world. You can’t bear to be around anything or anyone, because everything around you reminds you of them.

Stage 3: What if?

You exhaust yourself with ‘’What if I did this… would we still be together?’’

Stage 5: Let’s pretend

You pretend like you are getting better, only to have a relapse. You drink irresponsibly, in hopes that you will forget them for one night. However, this will only backfire, and you will end up crying harder and trying to drunk dial them.

Stage 2: Maybe this life isn’t for me

You consider giving up on life.

Stage 8: Coping strategy

You gather the strength to get up and take a shower, only to break down once you start the water. You attempt to completely remove them from your life, you attempt to bring them back in your life.

You watch romance movies and listen to love songs, then you listen to 'I Will Survive' by Gloria Gaynor.

And yes guys do this too.

Stage 7: Rollercoaster

You have your good days and your bad days. You distract yourself at times, and other times you sit semi comfortable with your mystery. You wait for them to come back, no matter how unrealistic that is.

Stage 6: Distracting yourself

You wait until one day you wake up and things seem okay and you go out with friends and family again.

Stage 10: Oh, wait

Except now you’re not distracting yourself anymore. You still have those Saturday nights when you sob while watching dramatic romantic movies while wondering if they will ever come back. But the feeling doesn’t last. You wake up on Sunday and feel alright again. Happiness will grow again, it just takes strength and patience.

So my piece of advice is:

Note 1: Did you notice that the numbers aren't in chronological order? That's because everyone is different and all these stages don't aways go in order, sometimes it's everything at once.

Note 2: Did you also notice that there is a number missing? That's because you can give an example in the comments that you missed in these stages.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Having a broken heart sucks, but you do get over it! Somebody told me before whenever you're hurting that's just your body's/soul's way of healing. Nothing last forever, including pain.


Most Helpful Guy

  • For those who are suffering, I would encourage them to look up what the medical literature has to say about what a broken heart is.
    It is nothing more than the symptoms of drug withdrawal (oxytocin).
    There is no such thing as 'the one'. That is a fantasy that Hollyweird pushes.
    When I was 21 my first girlfriend broke my heart so comprehensively that when I reassembled the pieces of my mind, about three months later, the software folder titled 'romantic love' had been deleted from the operating system.
    To the best of my knowledge, I have been incapable of feeling romantic love since I was 21.
    Reading what the medical literature had to say about love and heartbreak was an enormous help. Once I realised that I was going through drug withdrawal, things went back into perspective.
    A year later, she married the bad boy for whom she left me. A couple of mutual friends told me that, within a year after that, he would get drunk and beat the fuck out of her every time that his welfare cheque arrived.
    Schadenfreude is a wonderful thing. :-)

    • Thank you for your input!

    • Upvoted!

      Thanks pal! That's really good to know! As someone, who knows what oxytocin is, it's a new discovery for me, that the body is experiencing a drug withdrawal. I kind of know how it feels when you are not getting your drugs if order to function normal :)

      And it makes even more sense than religion.

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What Girls Said 9

  • Great job. was funny and humble and not gender related. thanks for being honest and not sexist. its always difficult to take posts about human events seriously when they ficus on one gender as if only half of all people are human :-)


    if you drink enough in it feels like love

    lol :)

  • The first things i felt was angry and disappointments. I cried so hard and I can't even do anything with being reminded of him. Still in the process of recovery. I still cry sometimes. The pain is still there. This is really agonizing since what I perceive and thought of him is just all lies. I thought he is the real honest man i ever met... until I discovered it.

    • Hi I'm the mytaker but my account got deleted. Yes anger is also one of the stages I forgot that one. I''m sorry you have to go through this but remember your happiness will grow again, it just takes strength and patience. I don't know what he did but if you want to talk about it just message me okay

    • @jordan_98 Thanks. I sent you follow request.

  • Coolest idea for a take, not being in chronological order and missing one. You really think outside of the box! Man I love your thought process

    • Hi I'm the mytaker but my account got deleted. Thank you so much for your support I Always try to think outside the box. Did you had a broken heart also?

    • @jordan_98 why did it get deleted? And you are so welcome! you're doing a great job. Oh yea, I've had my heart broken and it shredded me to bits because I invested so much time caring about and for them rip

    • They just deleted it I couldn't log in anymore al of a sudden. Thank you! Yeah it sucks right you put so much time in one person and then all of a sudden their gone so you have to cope without them. It's like they took a piece of us with them

  • Currently on a heart break from someone who I gave a year and half too in the end he messed things up by lying and cheating. And all I feel like doing right now is cry until I can't feel anything anymore.

  • It's true, thank you for the hope.

  • i am at 10

    • That's great so you found your happiness again!

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    • i have no idea. see the thing is is that we never really dated.. it was more of a best friend kinda thing.. he's also very awkward so i honesty dont know if he had feelings, although there were any signs such as hugging etc. but i told him how i felt and he said no.

    • but yet he does all these things lol and im reminded of the compliments/ closeness/flirting/ touching etc

  • i am at 7

  • Good mytake. Was so true with my last breakup.

  • ohh that's right :(


What Guys Said 6

  • I have had my fair share of heart breaks. I wish I could see the future. To know that things will get better.

  • Hi guys, I made this Mytake but my account got deleted I don't know how but I'm back only now with another name haha

  • Stopped at crying. You need to turn in your man card if you do any of this shit.

  • -back when anthony anderson was funny

    • Haha you know him. This is an scene from black-ish pretty recent accually. Why don't you like him anymore?

  • There's also the feeling of emptiness and deep depression. Sometimes you don't even feel suicidal or cry. But you just don't feel yourself that even being around friends or doing hobbies still doesn't help you that much which can also suck.

    • Very true

    • I got deeply hurt by a girl I was seeing that I truly cared and despite seeing other women shortly afterwards and getting involved in my hobbies and hanging with friends, I couldn't even truly enjoy myself.

      It's crazy how things like that can get in the way of your life.

    • I know right I just constantly had that sad feeling over me I know exactly how it feels. Maybe because when they left the took a piece of us with them which makes as feel so lonely inside and can't really enjoy the other things in life because you spend so much time with them

  • ugly people go through these stages?


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