You Don't Believe in Divorce?


You Don't Believe in Divorce?

I have heard so many people claim that they simply don't believe in divorce. But what does that mean? How can that be?

1. Are you willing to stay in a bad marriage?

Would a person really be willing to throw the rest of their life away, just because they made a bad decision in getting married to the wrong person? It simply doesn't make sense to stay in something that doesn't bring joy, simply because of a moral philosophy to not get divorced.

You Don't Believe in Divorce?

2. What about the kids?

Do children have to suffer for mistakes made by 2 consenting adults who decided to join in union? My answer would be "no". I have seen parents fight like crazy, in toxic and abusive relationships. In a case like that, the well being of the child needs to outdo the mentality that divorce is not an option.

You Don't Believe in Divorce?

3. Sometimes people make mistakes, accept it

Accepting that a marriage has gone in a sour direction, and that it can no longer function would be the mature thing to do. People have a hard time accepting failure. Living in denial is the best way to cheat yourself.

You Don't Believe in Divorce?
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  • John_Doesnt
    The only people against divorce are the religious ones thinking marriage is sacred and magical.
    My parents got divorced and although it did affect me negatively, I know it would have been a lot worse if they had stayed together.
  • AaceN
    I do believe that divorce is not in the dictionary, but allow me to further explain. When I marry someone, I want that to be my final and only marriage. I want marriage to be this joyous thing in my life that only my partner and I will ever experience. However, I do believe that yes, if you have an abusive partner or your kids are being negatively impacted every day from that marriage, it's fine to divorce. I would never even consider putting my opinion in a matter like that because it's not my business. However, the people who believe that marriage is fine because if it doesn't work out, they can just divorce are the mindsets that I do not believe should exist in anyone's vocabulary.
  • Anonymous
    Divorce isn't for everyone. I have know couples that worked out the worst becasue neither was willing to give up and others that knew that for them their was no light at the end of the tunnel and that it's time to throw in the towel. For some people divorce isn't an option... it's not meant as an insult for those who do feel divorce is an option.. your probably just not compatible.