5 Mistakes Couples Make that Can Lead to Divorce

1. Being harsh while arguing

Starting an argument in a rough way; aloud and in an aggressive manner by insulting the other side leads the argument turn to a big fight. And having big fights too often leads to divorce.

2. Criticism and insulting

Criticising and insulting the other side while communicating is another reason that leads to divorce.

You are so selfish.

3. Self-defence

Most couples circle the wagons when they come across with an insulting manner. Actually this is another way to blame the other side.

That's not because of me, that's because of you!

There is a high possibility that your relationship end up with divorce when you don't take resposibility and defend yourself everytime you argue.

4. Ignoring

Not listening what your partner is talking about. Using inactive words like, yeah, no, uh huh etc. Not making eye contact. Shortly acting like you don't exist. This wll make the other side more angry.

5. Bad memories

Bringing up past... Most people do that while arguing and it effects your relationship's future in an negative way.

But you did blah blah blah before...

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  • great points we should calm before we talk


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