Dating With Depression. 3 Amazing Tips To Get You Through It!

Dating with depression is one of the hardest things you can go through in your life.

When you are depressed and looking for a partner, you stress out if you are doing things right, if he is a good fit, and wonder if this new person can handle your depression? Why am I on a date with another loser? Is this guy a player?

Dating With Depression. 3 Amazing Tips To Get You Through It!

There are so many unknown variables it can drive you crazy.

Being depressed can affect your life, and it is a serious medical problem. When you are looking for love, and haven’t found it… well, it can make you even more depressed. But being informed about what is going on with you can make a huge impact in healing your heart and your mind.

According to the CDC, depression correlates with plenty of things and this is only a small portion of the problems it can cause.

Depression correlates with sadness and even irritability.

Depression correlates with health problems, such as heart disease and other injuries.
Depression correlates with skipping out on work.
Depression correlates with high-risk behaviors such as eating disorders, smoking, and substance abuse.

Yikes. It can wreak havoc on your life. Many people don’t have access to proper treatment, and even if they do, they might not go to a counselor or talk to anyone about it because it is embarrassing.

There is good news. You CAN feel better.

Sometimes depressed people can put on a mask and pretend everything is OK on the outside, but on the inside, they are devastated and it is especially hard when you are

About 3% of Americans over the age of 12 have been depressed and that is a LOT of people. If you are depressed, you are not alone. When you are wanting to find a partner it can be even more difficult.

When you meet a new potential partner it can bring a sense of joy… and on the flip side, it can make you stressed out wondering if this relationship is going to work out.

Here are 5 tips to help you make the best out of dating with depression.

Go online.

Hey, you are already here! So this is the first step you needed to take to start to feel better. You are seeking help by reading this article. You can log on to anytime to get feedback and ask questions.

There are some people who give better advice than others. Many people are well meaning, but aren’t equipped to give you the best guidance. So look to the experts for help.

Be nice to yourself.

Dating With Depression. 3 Amazing Tips To Get You Through It!

This can be one of the most challenging ones to overcome because you have been programmed by your parents, your teachers, coaches, preachers, bullies— the list is endless. If you notice yourself talking down to yourself just notice it.

I call this the “Ugly Little Monster,” and we ALL have one, or many. They tell you you’ll never get out of this, you aren’t good enough and the worst one— that you are NOT lovable.

An easy trick you can do is give the Ugly Little Monster a funny cartoon voice. Imagine Spongebob Squarepants saying you are not lovable. It deflates the mean tone of the regular voice in your head and can even be funny!

This is a trick therapists use all around the world and it works! Try it anytime.

Give yourself time to heal.

If you are depressed because of a breakup you don’t have to start dating right away. Honor yourself and give yourself time to grieve the loss of your last partner.

Don’t tell your date everything.

Dating With Depression. 3 Amazing Tips To Get You Through It!

When you do start dating someone, you don’t have to tell them about your depression on the first date, or even the second. Try to enjoy the moment and have as much fun as you can. If and when things progress to something more exclusive you should totally share with your partner.

There will probably be a right time to tell them and you will know it. You aren’t being dishonest by not telling them right away, but you are leaving some mystery about your life and that is OK.

Dating with depression is hard, I understand because I went through depression for 4 solid years. I broke free of the terrible daily feelings and so can you!

I have more tips like this in my How To Heal Your Heart Program and will be giving away some freebies if you send me a message with your heartbreak story or questions. You could win a free copy!


Most Helpful Guy

  • So in essence you are saying to fake it until you make it and hang out with the good people (online), isolate yourself when it calls for and keep the bad news hidden.

    I feel like I am an unique case where my depression exceeds the experts skills to treat it. What can I say? There is simply a reason for that.

    • You're not alone. I have severe depression myself and live with it daily. It's not going away no matter what I try to do! Just put yourself first. If you had a physical illness people would understand but they don't :/

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    • Blonde401, I'm not a random person. You can check out my website, see if I would be a good fit to help you. I do some pro-bono works sometimes.

    • You're still someone I have never spoken to before and you're asking me to give you my personal email... smells fishy.

Most Helpful Girl

  • going online helps a lot unless u come across rude people


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  • Fix yourself first. No one wants to deal with your issues. YOU deal with them first.

    • Someone might not mind a person's issues. I'm all about self reflection and feeling better. It is possible to be with someone when you have "issues"

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    • Those were the bullet points from my post. This is exhausting.

    • Yes, reading all that and the cartoons is exhausting. I skip all that. Sorry.
      You seem all too fragile. Perhaps things will smooth out for you as you gain age and wisdom. [shrug]

  • How bout dating when you're not attractive? Would it make wearing the mask ok?

    • Haha, and I bet you have some great qualities you can let shine. There are things you can do on the inside to feel better and look better on the outside!

  • Bro, if you're depressed you shouldn't be dating

    • Dating can be good therapy if you approach it in the right way.

    • Show All
    • yes, but my question is why on earth you'd ever want to use a lover as a therapist?

    • I don't mean use your lover as a therapist. It is more like getting to see yourself in the other person. Professional help is great for anyone with any issue.

  • So basically lie to them?

    • Not at all. But you don't have to giver your ENTIRE life story on the first date. Let the person get to know your other parts first. I'm sure you have plenty of good ones!

  • well it's tough because i've been depressed from being someone's rebound then being tossed aside like garbage and then have dated others while being angry, jealous, and bitter at the one who rebounded with me.

    • It's so hard to be someone's rebound. But you are in charge of your happiness now! Take your power back and choose to do things that make you feel better :D

  • i would say that the worst advice is going online because it doesn't build character and instead preys easily on the anxiety and paranoia that generally accompany depression

    • I disagree. Online dating is a great place to meet people. I believe that the people we meet are like mirrors for ourselves, and online dating CAN Build character.

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    • No, it wasn't luck. It was work.

    • It took years... 😞

  • I live in a distructive enviroment

    • I'm not sure what you mean.

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    • You know too much to go somewhere worse. You CAN find something better... you just have to look for something better.

      Think about anything that you can appreciate right now. It can be really small.

    • I also did a bad thing helping other building their future I am merely none to them, both from highschool and college do you think it's to late to change?

      I'll try to think and be thankful for that. Also thanks for your emotional support and advices means a lot to me to find someone to encourage me.

  • I haven't talked to another human being in four months. Getting a date is just not possible.

    • Do you live in the North Pole or something?

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    • *Severe

    • Please come to my live event tomorrow here on GAG at 5pm. I'm going to do some really cool stuff for you there.

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