Where Do Broken Hearts Go?


Where do broken hearts go?

Was I wrong ?

Again, more of a rant and an answer for all that may of wondered what happened and bothered to input there opinion. Thanks to all who inputted and tried to help , Yeah, I'm shattered so be aware.

I was wrong.

For the first time in a long time I don't have anything to look forward to. No warm thought that we may talk, or even hook up.
Nothing to comfort me when things are down " Hey at least that girl likes you "
I don't trust myself now, my instincts or feelings.

Was I wrong ?
It rained and I sheltered YOU under my umbrella. You forgot to talk to me but you turned to your friend so giddy and happy " He's doing it deliberately ! ". Your friend nodded agreeing and two of your other friends - who didn't shelter you by the way - seemed to find it hard to hold back ever widening grins. I hit the jackpot I thought.

Was I wrong when you came to introduce yourself too me ?
The fuck up there was that I didn't realize I was standing behind good friend of yours, so when you first waved and said Hi. I was so happy and wrapped ready to receive you with open arms. Then your friend turned around and I just disregarded and thought you're going up to her. " Hi, Susan how are you ? "

I worked out later that it was " Hi, I'm Susan. How are you ? ". ( Because I also learned said friend is Sarah )

Was I wrong when you cut through an arcade, probably ran, so you could come out of the street just in front of me so I would say Hi ? You don't walk that fast. I generally do, I mean you're around 5'2" and I'm 6'2".

NO I wasn't wrong at all..... something happened and I guess it's because you didn't appreciate me saying something to your friend. But I had too, I never saw you. Now I've seen you but you're lack of approach or even ANYTHING to let me know to approach you, signals it all and this is one I did not misinterpret.

Even as I write this, NOTHING makes sense. But it doesn't have to. I would not see any reason why I am wrong after 3 days where you did nothing. Not even send your friends after me or even just be lame ( but cute) and pass a note.

Nothing but hurt and sorrow.... it will pass. But If I don't stop writing now my heart will break again.

The End is just another beginning . Thank you and Good bye Susan, I truly wish the best for you.

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?
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  • Solanaceae
    Broken hearts suck. I know that. And I can't really say that it'll get better, because it doesn't. Not really. I just hope one day you'll be able to handle it better than now. Best of luck.
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    • naraku

      It's always nice to read your words~☆

      Again, when I re-read everything past and here I can't believe I am wrong. And maybe I am not... we we'll see.
      Thanks again ❤

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  • Juxtapose
    You'll get over it dude. When you fall in love your brain is getting addicted to the chemicals and when the breakup happens your brain is suddenly in withdrawal.

    Love is just another illusion and addiction.

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