A Letter to My Ex

A letter to my ex.

I don't even know where to begin. I never saw you as someone I would like to date. In fact the thought of dating you never crossed my mind. I saw how u were jealous that I seemed fond of your friend. U weren't subtle at all and you have denied this on many occasions but it was true. You than won my frienship. You appeared to be everything I wanted in a man. When I started dating you, I made a conscious decision to do so. I chose to love you. U promised you wouldn't break my heart and I believed you. Well you did. Piece by piece you have destroyed what was once me. You made me doubt myself. See myself as not good enough. Short selling myself. I broke up with you and you begged me for a second chance. I gave it cos I vowed to love you. But what did you do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing and I decided to walk away. This time for good. I refuse to be an after thought. To think I gave u a chance. A chance I've denied to so many. And here u came, acting like u cared just to systematically break me, wasting 6 years of my life. Never ever again will I allow my precious heart to be subjected to loving another being on purpose. I choose myself. Today and every other day.


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  • Very deep. Im glad you walked away and left him. He was never going to change. It's hard to leave being with a person that long.

    • It really wasn't an easyoption decision to makedo especially since he was my first love. In the emd i, had to choose. Either myself or him. I chose me.

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    • Yes very true. It's never an easy option to leave. Some people stay because they figure they invested all that time into it. But it's about making yourself happy and doing what you feel is right. Im glad you made the choice to leave.

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